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Should You Let Shadowheart Kill Nightsong In Baldur’s Gate 3

When Shadowheart meets Nightsong, there are three potential outcomes for this choice. This Should You Let Shadowheart Kill Nightsong In Baldur’s Gate 3 will guide you through the three choices as you can let Shadowheart Kill Nightsong, Kill Nightsong yourself, or not kill Nightsong.

This is one of the game’s major decision branches. Your choice here will have a drastic impact on the rest of the game. It’s a good idea to create a save file at this location and leave it, so you can always go back if you decide you’re not happy with your first choice.

Should You Let Shadowheart Kill Nightsong In Baldur’s Gate 3

If You Let Shadowheart Kill Nightsong
Shadowheart will become a Dark Justiciar, which definitely feels more like the dark path for the character. Lady Shar tasks her with killing Ketheric Thorm and asks Shadowheart to “cleanse” her church in Baldur’s Gate. Shadowheart gets a mighty new spear, a set of Dark Justiciar armor, and a new ability. She will also change her hairstyle and attitude in a few days, becoming dark and more arrogant. Nightsong will not aid you in the future battle against Ketheric Thorm.

If You Convince Shadowheart Not To Kill Nightsong
This seems to be the best path for the “Good” route. Nightsong is released and asks Shadowheart to help her kill Ketheric Thorm. Nightsong then escapes the Shadowfell and cleanses Shadow-Cursed Lands so the curse no longer affects people. You will also get a powerful weapon, Moonlight Glaive, which has extra reach, radiant damage, and gives off a constant light. Finally, you also get a new ability

If you want this to happen you need to select the following dialogue options:

Is this truly what you want?
Please, Shadowheart. Don’t do this
All right, you have my support
She knows something about you. Spare her, and see what she has to say

Nightsong will then clear a path in the battle against Ketheric Thorm and she will aid you in the boss fight itself. Later in the story, you will also get the Spear from Nightsong.

If You Kill Nightsong Yourself
If you do not allow Shadowheart to kill Nightsong and you instead try to kill her, she will leave your party permanently and you will have to kill her later in the game. It doesn’t seem to make a difference whether or not you use the spear to kill Nightsong. You will have to jump your way back to the entrance, fighting the enemies along the path. We didn’t explore this option much further as playing a Paladin, it broke my Oath.

Should You Let Shadowheart Kill Nightsong In Baldur’s Gate 3 Video Guide

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