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Should You Spare Or Kill Shura In Fire Emblem Fates

Should You Spare Or Kill Shura In Fire Emblem Fates
After the story battle for Chapter 16 in Fire Emblems Fates: Conquest you will have to make a choice. Shura has been causing some problems and you need to decide what to do with him. Check out this article to find out if you Should You Spare Or Kill Shura In Fire Emblem Fates!

Should You Spare Or Kill Shura In Fire Emblem Fates

The choice is pretty straight forward at the moment. Do you want to risk letting Shura in or not?

If you spare Shura he will join your team as a level 2 Adventurer with a strong bow. Tour Siblings will respond negatively to this. He has vowed to protect the princess no matter what, if you believe his word. At the time of writing this Shura has NOT done anything to betray me yet. I will play some more and update if that changes and he suddenly turns on me or something.

UPDATE: After beating the game I can say that Shura didn’t really cause any issues by joining. He actually became on of my more useful archers.

If you kill Shura you will lose the chance to use that character. Youe Siblings will react positively and they will say they are going to tell your father about this. I’m guessing this may get you some sort of bonus down the road but I’m not sure yet. You will also get the bonus items Boots for killing Shura. Take the man’s life and then take his shoes.

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