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Side With The Emissary, Alliance With The Hunter, Or Go Your Own Path In Starfield

There is a choice nearing the end of Starfield’s story. This guide on Side With The Emissary, Alliance With The Hunter, Or Go Your Own Path In Starfield explains what happens for each of the three choices you make, explaining the immediate after-effects and consequences of your decision.

Just a quick disclaimer. There are a lot of variables that could affect the rest of the story. Your relationships with other characters, quest progress, etc. It’s important to save, not just Autosave, actually save your game before following this guide. Then, if something is different because of your journey in the game, you have an easy point to return to.

I’m Siding With The Emissary

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If you make this decision you will be attacked and attacking the Hunter and Scorpius at different points for the remainder of the story. The Emissary will guide you and accompany you on these missions. Eventually, you will need to fight and kill the Hunter to get the final Artifacts. You get a Legendary Laser Rifle (Unmitigated Violence) for defeating The Hunter. When the time comes, the Emissary will give you all of their artifacts without any problems.

An alliance with the Hunter seems the winning strategy

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You team up with The Hunter and the Emissary takes their leave. You will get The Hunter on your side when you face off with The Emissary down the line. The Hunter will also give you a second side mission to take someone else out. Here is the weapon you get for taking down The Emissary – Legendary Particle Beam Rifle (Eternity’s Gate).

I’m tired of both of you. I’ll get to the Unity on my own

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This is the most difficult of the three choices as instead of having to fight either The Emissary or The Hunter, you will have to fight both in a space battle. You will not have either The Emissary or The Hunter help you in the final battle for the remaining artifacts. Once you get to the end of the planet, where you have to reclaim the artifacts, you can either kill them both or persuade them to give you their artifacts. You get the Legendary Laser Rifle (Unmitigated Violence) from The Hunter and the Legendary Particle Beam Rifle (Eternity’s Gate) from The Emissary.

I don’t want to get into unnecessary spoilers but it’s very likely that these decisions will impact your encounters in New Game+, an additional play option that is unlocked once you fully complete the main story.

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