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The Sims Mobile Career Guide

The Sims Mobile Career Guide
Unless you plan to earn your living in Bakes Sales, you’ll want to find yourself a promising Career. This The Sims Mobile Career Guide lists the Careers you can get in The Sims Mobile as well as information on performing well to get quick promotions and unlock the special items attached to each promotion.

There are a number of exciting Careers you can choose in The Sims Mobile, although most of they are Player Level locked until you reach a higher level. Although each of the Careers differ slightly, in terms of workplace activities and rewards, the general method of progressing through each Career and earning Simoleons is similar for each Career.

Do THIS Every Day In The Sims Mobile For HUGE Rewards

Whenever you begin a workday, which you start by interacting with your place of work, you will start a Work Event. These events are timed and your performance within that time determines your rewards. The rewards include higher pay, quicker progression through the Career and other minor perks. At the earlier stages of each Career reaching the maximum rating, the purple star icons, is relatively simple completing the objectives that come up. However, as you progress it becomes far more rewarding to get through objectives as quickly as possible – earning the most amount of promotion points and Simoleons at the lowest cost of Energy and other vital stats.

Progressing through Careers unlocks stuff you can purchase at home but it also unlocks special items you can purchase for the workplace. So make sure to watch the shopping menu to see what items you unlock. Below is a list of the The Sims Mobile Career’s that we’ve experienced so far as well as tips on maximizing benefits and minimizing time.

The Sims Mobile Career Guide – Barista

The Barista is the only Career option available when you first start playing The Sims Mobile. It has a very low level cap, only allowing players to reach level 5 before it maxes out. As it’s the starting Career it’s never very challenging to complete the Career Event although if you’re struggling make sure to pick up the Chalkboard and Mismatched Mug Rock as they both offer regular bonuses during the Career Event. Remember, whether you give coffee to customers or interact with a sign, the end result is the same so don’t fuss about filling everyone’s orders.

Progressing through the Barista Career also unlocks the Coffee Maker, Coffee Pot and Coffee Display Shelf to purchase at home which offers daily experience points in exchange for hygiene points and energy. With all of the items together you can create a coffee with a potential Mystery Reward.

The Sims Mobile Career Guide – Culinary Career (Cook)

The Culinary Career is available once you are able to unlock the Market Square region of town. Once unlocked you can then choose to open any of the three buildings at that location. One of which is the Restaurant. The Culinary Career is far more challenging than the Barista Career but it’s nothing you can’t handle. As before, focus on completing objectives in the Career Event that offer the most amount of purple stars. Speaking to your co-worker is also a great way to push through this career quickly as they will often provide a big boost. As soon as you are able, purchase the Stacked Pots as they offer three boosts of rating every minute or so, making the time limitations a very minor concern.

Progressing through the Culinary Career unlocks a Gourmet Kitchen Island, Kitchen Rack, Pot Rack, Wall Knives, Oven Hood, Olive Dish and Wall Spice Rack. All of these items greatly increase the benefits offered by the Gourmet Kitchen Island which provides a generous amount of experience points every day.

We are working on reaching the level for Fashion, Medical, Law, DJ and Business Careers. We’ll be updating our The Sims Mobile Career Guide as we progress through the game and unlock more Careers. Check back soon for updates.

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