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The Sims Mobile Hobby Guide

The Sims Mobile Hobby Guide
The Sims Mobile features an array of activities to keep your Sims busy during their waking hours, one such activity is the Hobby system. This The Sims Mobile Hobby Guide will tell you everything you need to know about the current Hobbies in the game including the benefits of taking up the Hobby, how to unlock each Hobby and more.

There are 4 unique Hobbies in The Sims Mobile, each offering different perks and benefits as well as ways to progress and advance the Hobby. Each Sim in your household is only able to take up a single Hobby and it is tied to the equipment. So if your first Sim picks up the Cooking Hobby, nobody else in the household can use the same Cooker to enjoy the same Hobby. It sounds bad but more diverse options for your household is always a good idea.

Hobby Guide – Cooking

The Cooking Hobby is the first Hobby you can unlock in The Sims Mobile. It is unlocked once you reach Player Level 7. Once unlocked you can purchase a Basic Stove from the Hobby section in the shopping menu. Initially it will allow you to do Bake Sales to earn a bit of extra cash but as it levels, and you buy more equipment, you can cook meals. This is a fantastic way of getting free food in The Sims Mobile so make sure you grab it as soon as it’s available and get to training your Sims in the culinary arts.

Hobby Guide – Guitar

The Guitar Hobby is unlocked once you reach Player Level 9. Once you reach level 9 you can purchase a Guitar and you can then assign the Hobby to one of your Sims. The Guitar Hobby is relatively simple to improve but unlike the Cooking Hobby, it offers very little benefits outside of the Hobby itself early on. After all, a Guitar can’t cook a steak right?

Grab the Amp as soon as possible as this offers steady ratings points during progression. You can also get a Foot Rocker Pedal Board, an Intermediate Guitar, a Sound Mixer, an Expert Guitar and a Giant Speaker. Each offer quicker and better benefits so if you want to maximize the Hobby, grab them as they are unlocked.

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Hobby Guide – Writing

The Writing Hobby is unlocked once you reach Player Level 13.

Hobby Guide – Yoga

The Yoga Hobby is available to unlock once you reach Player Level 16.

Check back soon for updates to our The Sims Mobile Hobby Guide as we progress further in the game, unlock more Hobbies and hopefully enjoy some new ones EA release later down the line.

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