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The Sims Mobile Tips And Tricks

The Sims Mobile Tips And Tricks
The Sims Mobile promises an exciting new journey into the world of The Sims and with it, a variety of new challenges, solutions and rewards to discover. Check out our The Sims Mobile Tips And Tricks guide for some fantastic tips on many aspects of the game including the best ways to earn cash, build relationships and more. Although The Sims Mobile is a Sims game, many of the elements are unique to the newest version. Below is a collection of our best tips and tricks to help you get started.

Do THIS Every Day In The Sims Mobile For HUGE Rewards

Free Food!
Fighting your bank balance is a common occurrence in all of The Sims games and it’s more of the same in The Sims Mobile. You don’t start with a lot of cash and it’s easy to throw it around but be thrifty and wait until you reach Player Level 5 so you can unlock your first Hobby, Cooking. Using the cooking hobby you can cook large plate meals for free, feeding your Sims multiple times without the cost of snacks. For more details check out our free food guide.

Learn The Menus
At first glance The Sims Mobile may appear to be missing a number of important features, such as the ability to invite friends over, but they are there. There are four main menus to explore. The left of your screen features the shopping, navigation, quests and work options. The lower left menu, marked by 3 dots above your character portrait features your relationships, traits, career level, hobby level and the ability to customise your Sim.

The final menu, marked by the blue arrow in the right of the screen above your smaller Sim portrait icon features parties, social media, inventory and settings. Play around with these to get familiar with where things are.

Stats Don’t Work The Same
There is no mood in The Sims Mobile so stats do not have the same negative effect on your character. There are four main stats. Energy, Hygiene, Hunger and Fun. You get 1 point of each every 15 minutes otherwise you need to use objects. Energy is restored by sleeping, Hygiene by using the toilet or shower, Hunger by eating and Fun by watching TV or dancing to the radio. Think of the stats in The Sims Mobile as just another currency. If something requires 1 Energy and 2 Food, you can’t do the action without the points, but there’s no real harm to running low.

Complete Your Goals
Above your character portrait in the lower left of the screen are several bubbles. You’ll have bubbles with a white background and bubbles with a gold background, these represent Daily & Life Goals in The Sims Mobile. These are simple objective based tasks that can include everything from slapping another Sim to having a baby or getting married. Completing these is vital. You get a lot of experience, tons of Simoleons and plenty of random rewards.

Be Social With Your Household
As highlighted in our best way to reach Level 10 friendships guide, make sure to be social with the Sims that live in your house. Having high friendships makes completing goals a lot easier, but it becomes even faster if you do it with Sims in your house. When you socialise with other Sims it reduces your stats but only on the character you’re using. So with the Sims in your house, you can use 1 to initiate all the conversation until they run out of stats and then switch to the other, effectively doubling the amount of social bonuses you can get in a single day.

Save Your SimCash
SimCash is the premium item shop currency in The Sims Mobile. You get a little to start with and completing certain goals rewards more but if you’re not looking to spend cash, they are very few and far between. It can be tempting to spend a single SimCash dollar to skip 3 minutes of eating a snack, but they are much more valuable if you spend them on items later in the game – such as beds that allow for near instant recovery and baths that instantly fill Hygiene.

You Can Change Careers
There are a number of Careers in The Sims Mobile. From making the perfect coffee as a Barrister to flipping burgers as a Chef. Most of the Careers work in a similar fashion and offer similar rewards but the environment, exact actions and benefits do differ slightly. You can leave a Career without penalty. You will retain your level in that Career and can switch back at any time so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Be Well Rested
The Well Rested buff provided when you use the Long Sleep action on a bed is a huge benefit to all of your Sims. Every time you use the Long Sleep option, your Slim will sleep for six hours. When they wake all actions for things such as Careers, Hobbies and Socialising return double the benefits.

We’ll continue to update The Sims Mobile Tips and Tricks guide as we encounter more cool titbits of information but if you have anything to share, post a comment below and we’ll be sure to include it in the guide.

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The Sims Mobile promises an exciting new journey into the world of The Sims and with it, a variety of new challenges, solutions and rewards to discover. Check out our The Sims Mobile Tips And Tricks guide for some fantastic tips on many aspects of the game including the best ways to earn cash, build relationships and more.
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