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What Skills To Choose At The Start Of Horizon Zero Dawn

What Skills To Choose At The Start Of Horizon Zero Dawn
The huge open world of Horizon Zero Dawn can seem overwhelming at first but there’s one particular area that you may want to pay special attention to, the beginning skills. This guide will help you decide What Skills To Choose At The Start Of Horizon Zero Dawn so that your beginning hours into the game are easy and enjoyable, while still offering viable abilities later in the game.

What Skills To Choose At The Start Of Horizon Zero Dawn

When you begin in Horizon Zero Dawn, after a brief introduction scene, you’re given 3 Skill Points to spend. You can invest these points into any of the three unique skill trees – Prowler, Brave and Forager. There’s no real wrong choices here, you’re free to choose whatever benefits your play style but there are some that are universal and will provide you with everything you need for the first part of the game.

Skill Point #1 – Silent Strike
Stealth is your strongest tool when taking down enemy humans and machines. For the first part of the game a Silent Strike is a guaranteed kill on anything you encounter. It requires a little finesse to get up close without being seen but this is easily the most important skill when wanting to progress through combat at the early stages of the game.

Skill Point #2 – Critical Hit
Critical Hit is another very powerful skill. When you fight enemies that are strong enough to survive a Silent Strike, or you’re seen while attempting to stealth, Critical Hit is a fantastic tool to ensure you survive the battle. When you use R2 with your spear it has a chance to knock down the target, it works especially well against smaller machines and humans. Followed up with a quick Critical Hit with R1 finishes them off fast.

There’s also another weapon you get very early, the Tripcaster. This special weapon allows you to create a tripwire that can trip and deal additional damage to enemies. When tripped enemies are exposed and can be hit with a Critical Hit.

Skill Point #3 – Lure Call
Whilst whistling at your enemies may not seem overly appealing when compared to the other skills, try it. You’ll be surprised. Unlike a traditional whistle in stealth-type games the Lure Call allows you to target a specific enemy. This distracts the enemy and they walk straight to your location. It’s perfect for splitting up large packs of enemy machines or patrolling humans. It is especially effective when used from cover and combined with Silent Strike.

So there you have it. Feel free to choose whatever skills benefit your playstyle but if you’re struggling to make a choice, Silent Strike, Critical Hit and Lure Call are perfect tools to ensure stealth success throughout the game.

Happy hunting!

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