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Sleeping Dogs Bride to Be Mission Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs from Square-Enix has been all the rage lately. This Sleeping Dogs Bride to Be mission walkthrough has two parts. The first is a Bride to Be mission video walkthrough just bellow. The second part is a Sleeping Dogs Bride to Be guide to help with some more in depth details and strategies. Take a look at both of these guides and if you need any other help make sure to hit us up in the comments!

Sleeping Dogs Bride to Be Guide

Bride to Be Mission Start
God D*** Winston’s mother scares the hell out of me. This mission is really just a fetch quest wrapped in some Sleeping Dogs story points. Winston’s mother will tell you that Peggy needs to travel around town to grab a few things and asks if you will take her to a couple of places. Being a good triad foot soldier you will happily oblige.

The first destination is the flower shop. It is kind of a long drive, but there is a lot of dialog between you and Peggy. Drive by the rules of the road to keep Peggy’s mood up. Running into traffic won’t just give you a lower police score but could actually fail the mission. Drive safely, follow the green markers and you should be fine with this part of the mission.

When you get to the flower shop there will be a cut scene. You can see a jade statue in the background. Make sure after the cut scene to get out of car and grab it.

Picking Up the Cake
Peggy really wants a good cake and Winston says he has picked out the perfect one. For some reason someone is stealing the cake from the store. Drive over to the shop quickly because you only have two and a half minutes to get to the cake shop. Try not to lose the dialog while you are playing though. The story is amazing

When you get to the shop you have thirty seconds to stop the van. Catch up to the van and crazily enough do a action hijack to get to the cake. After jumping into the car and showing the two nice people the door drive the cake van back to a drop off garage. I’m still not really sure if Winston’s cake was being stolen or if you just stole a cake for the wedding. Either way it’s yours now!

Getting a Black Orchid
Peggy really wants to have those Black Orchids for the wedding. Make your way over to the temple in North Point to steal some Orchids for Peggy. The dialog that happens in this whole mission is amazing. They really did a good job of roping me into the story especially in this section when Peggy is talking about finding you a girlfriend. Make sure to actually take in the sequence because sometimes open world stories can be overlooked and that would be a damn shame in this game.

The next part of the mission is to get a robe so you can move freely in the Temple. Climb up the construction on the outside of the temple to get inside and grab a robe from the small cabin.

Make your way through the temple gardens. Stay away from the other priests in the area when you can, but you can persuade most of them. If you go inside the temple at the top you can pick up another jade statue if you haven’t already. There is also a couple of health shrines in the area that might be a good idea to pick up.

Jump up the wall on the right side and make your way to the orchid. As soon as you pick the Orchids a bell will sound and all of the monks will be alerted. I guess these are not the peaceful kind. Make your way through the temple grounds and take out guard when you have to. If you make a bee line down the left side you can avoid almost all of the monks. Jump off of the ledge that you came in on and jump in Peggy’s car to get away.

When you leave the cops will chase you. Side streets make it pretty easy to loose the cops. Get rid of the cop on your tail and head to the drop off point for Peggy. This mission isn’t terribly difficult and you don’t do a whole lot more than driving but it does act as a great story piece. Plus you can pick up a couple of jade statues and health shrines along the way. With the end of the mission so end our Sleeping Dogs Bride to Be Mission Guide.

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