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Sleeping Dogs Chain of Evidence Mission Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs Chain of Evidence Mission Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs from Square-Enix has been all the rage lately. This Sleeping Dogs Chain of Evidence mission walkthrough has two parts. The first is a Chain of Evidence Mission video walkthrough just bellow. The second part is a Sleeping Dogs Chain of Evidence guide to help with some more in depth details and strategies. Take a look at both of these guides and if you need any other help make sure to hit us up in the comments!

Sleeping Dogs Chain of Evidence Guide

Chain of Evidence Mission Start
Tiffany will call you and ask you to stop by the club. When you get there she will show you a gun that used to belong to one of Doggeye’s men. You will pick up and then walk outside to call Raymond. The mission then changes to meeting Raymond underneath the bridge overpass.

Drive over to the overpass. You would think you were meeting Raymond but when you get to the spot you are actually meeting Pendrew. He says it is something he wants to handle and you will see why later. Pendrew will tell you to take a firing position and you will get your first opportunity to shoot a gun in Sleeping Dogs.

Shooting Sequence
After a little bit on aiming Pendrew will start walking through the crime scene. This mission gives a good intro on how to use cover in sleeping dogs as well as how to slow down time in gun play. Use the RB to go into cover and then shoot the objects that Pendrew will tell you to hit.

After hiting some random objects you will actually get live targets to fire at. Aim for head shots because one good pistol bullet to the head will take down an enemy as opposed to 6 or 7 in the chest. After taking out a few enemies you will then be told to move and do a vault shot. Vault shots in Sleeping Dogs slow down time and allow you to move forward effectively. Kill the guard behind the car to move on to the next sequence.

Then Pendrew will take the gun and shoot the already dead guy in the car. He says he is doing whatever is necessarily to bring down the gangsters. He tells you to leave and be wary of the cops. A weird way to end but that is the final part of the Chain of Evidence mission.

Was this guide helpful? If it was make sure to keep a close eye for our complete Sleeping Dogs guide that should be up soon! Also if you need more help or just want to talk hit us up in the comments. We love hearing good, bad and ugly feedback on everything we do!


  1. I’m stuck on this level. After the cut scene I am holding the gun with some crates outlined in red & that’s it. I can’t fire the gun for some reason. I just keep walking around, aiming my gun but it just won’t fire & game does not advance. Is this an Xbox glitch?

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