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Sleeping Dogs Easy Drug Bust Guide

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The drug busts are a great way to get quick cash in Sleeping Dogs as well as a way to easily build up your face and police meters. These drug busts are super easy if you know how to do them well. We also have a video showing how to circle around all of Central and grab all of the drug busts quickly as well as the camera codes to really boost up those ratings that will be going up shortly. Check out the video at our youtube page when it is up. Until then you can also read the comments below to complete drug busts easily in Sleeping Dogs.


There is one really easy way to take care of the thugs in drug busts. Grab a C rating van, car or even a slow bus and head out to all of the favorite drug ring spots. Drive the car right into the middle of the hideout and just start running over all of the thugs that you can. Switching from forward to reverse is a really good method of taking out a good number of thugs very quickly. I usually can’t finish all of the bad guys off in the car, but bringing it down to 1 or 2 thugs makes all of the drug busts very manageable.

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