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Sleeping Dogs Intro Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs Intro Walkthrough

Sleeping dogs starts off with the main character in a drug deal. From the beginning alone you can start to understand what the dialog is going to be like for the rest of the game. One of the big baddies will put a cleaver into the officer patrolling the area and then you will be opened up into the world of Sleeping Dogs.

The first thing the intro will teach you is how to run and maneuver around the city. Your objective will be to follow Naz. Make your way through the hanging fish bags and then speed vault by pressing the spring button just before reaching the box you have to jump over. Continue to use A to jump and make your way around the cops.

Keep running straight through the docks and into the fish market. Vault over the box to disarm the cop so that he doesn’t shoot you. THen launch yourself off the roof and through the of a smaller building. You will see Naz being cuffed by the cops. Make your way through the building to your side and you will be arrested by the cops.

That is pretty much the end of the intro. Check out some of our other sleeping dogs guides that we will have links to very soon!Like always, if you want to see a guide but don’t see it on our site make sure to hit us up in the comments.

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