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Sleeping Dogs Jade Statue Locations


The Jade Statues in Sleeping Dogs are very important collectables. These collectable statues unlock some of the best combat upgrades in Sleeping Dogs. This guide will go over where the jade statues are located and what missions you need to have been on or passed to collect all of the jade statues. As we go through the game footage a little more we will also put up a video that has all of the jade statue locations in Sleeping Dogs so you can find them more easy. We also have a guide that shows how to get the jade statue locations on your mini map that you should check out!

Jade Statue Locations in Sleeping Dogs

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Jade Statue Location
1 The first jade statue found in sleeping dogs can be found during popstar lead #3. When you follow Popstar down to the docks you will have to jump on top of a boat to see a transaction. One of the jade statues will be sitting on the boat on the left side of the ledge before you jump up. Pick up this little guy to unlock an awesome combat upgrade!
2 The second jade statue is located in the VIP bar area of the Club Bam Bam mission. While your beating up the baddies make sure to grab this statue so that you can unlock another combat upgrade for yourself.
3 The third jade statue is located inside Winston’s family resturant the Golden Koi. You can get the jade statue either in the Listening In mission or any time after that mission inside the resturant. Better to just grab it when in for the Listening In mission though so you can smoothly upgrade your combat skills.
4 The fourth jade statue is located at the temple in North Point. Head strait up the stairs and through the temple doors and there will be a jade statue waiting for you. You can also get this jade statue while playing through the Bride to Be mission as you will go right by it. You can pick this one up early though so might as well grab it up when you can.
5 The fifth jade statue is located in the bridal flowers shop during the Bride to Be mission. Right after the bride gets done with her dress she will get into the car to drive to the temple. Hop out of the car real quick and go inside the wedding shop. There will be a jade statue sitting right next to the checkout desk.
6 The sixth jade statue is located in Kennedy Town. Check out the funeral home after completing the Funeral mission. There will be a jade statue chillin’ in the lobby of the funeral home.
7 The seventh jade statue is located inside K-Bar in Central. During the Important Vistor mission you will take a client inside the bar to show him a good time. Look for the jade statue sitting on the bar on your way out.
8 The eighth jade statue is located inside the hospital. Plenty of Police Missions and main story lines will bring you here like when you are visiting Uncle Poe. There will be an information desk in the front lobby that should have a jade statue waiting just for you!
9 The ninth jade statue is located in a gambling den on the edge of Central. Drive a boat north until you get to the oil rig that has a ton of people on it. You will have to finish the Riffraff disposal mission before going inside the den to get the jade statue, but it’s worth it!
10 The tenth jade statue is located in the house you go in during the Bad Luck mission. In this mission you are trying to mess up Two Chin’s fung shui by knocking over vases and taking a precious statue. The statue is the jade statue and it is the 10th one. Almost done!
11 The final eleventh jade state is located inside Vivienne’s apartment and is available during the Conflicted Loyalties mission.

Did you guys like the guide? Do you have any questions? Make sure to hit us up in the comments and let us know! Also we will be building a full sleeping dogs guide soon so make sure to check back for that to get the best scores in sleeping dogs!


    1. If you already got the statue the location may still be on the mini map. There is only one statue inside the hospital so you should be all good!

  1. I went search the statues after the main story, I got everything, but one Jade statue is missing, it appears on the minimap in Golden Koi, bu I don’t know how to get in there.
    Thanks for help

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