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Sleeping Dogs Meet The New Boss Mission Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs from Square-Enix has been all the rage lately. This Sleeping Dogs The New Boss mission walkthrough has two parts. The first is a The New Boss mission video walkthrough just bellow. The second part is a Sleeping Dogs The New Boss guide to help with some more in depth details and strategies. Take a look at both of these guides and if you need any other help make sure to hit us up in the comments!

Sleeping Dogs The New Boss Guide

Mission Start
With Winston gone it is everyone’s’ job to stick together. Wei will walk into the club and start using his detective skills in sorting out why the 18k would have attacked at Winston’s wedding. Your character thinks something is fishy and then a pony tailed man walks into the office.

He says that Big Smile Lee will let Winston’s old men keep doing business in their area, but must pay Big Smile Lee a bigger cut then they were paying to Winston. Wei will not take that bit of information well and hold a gun in the face of the pony tailed man that walks in.

Then the fighting starts. Big Smile Lee’s men start shooting up the place. Take cover against the wall when you open the door to kill one of their men without killing the hostage. There will be two more directly strait across that you can take care of by covering behind the glass table. I know it sounds stupid, but it works.

Head over to the rail looking over the bar. From here you can pick off all of Smile Lee’s men without taking to much damage. Take your time and get head shots to increase your score. After your done you can either vault down or take the stairs.

More men will come from the front door. The best place to be is behind the bar. This gives you a great cover point to take out thugs as they funnel through the door. Take out a couple of waves and then make your move to the front door with a vault for an action hero like stunt of slow motion shooting to take out the third .

Outside the Club
After the cut scene you will have to take out the thugs across the street. Take your time and wait for them to pop out. Grab one of the assault rifles for a longer distance shot with more damage. After you take out two or three of the guys across the street another car will show up.

There are three or four guys in this car. It is much easier to take them out all really quickly if you vault over the car you are on and pick off a couple head shots in slow motion. After wards run back to your car for cover to take out more bad guys. More guys will appear across the street and another car will show up. Take all of them out and you will get a cut scene for chasing down Ponytail.

Catch Ponytail
Ponytail will have a few guard cars. Jackie is driving so you don’t have to worry about that. Aim for the tires of cars to get rid of guys quickly. Motorcycles can be taken out very easily as long as you aim at the front or back of the bike towards the ground. There will be a few waves of guys coming at you before catching back up to Ponytail. Just keep aiming for the tires.

When you do catch up to Ponytail you will have to chase him. Make sure to tap A before obstacles so that you cleanly vault and jump over objects. Just keep him in your sights and follow the jump lines.

After chasing him down for what seems like forever you will have to fight Ponytail. He is susceptible to grapples so grab onto him when you can. Be careful because he will grapple you as well. Keep an eye out for his strikes because your strikes will not interrupt them. After a few good rounds of punching you will nock him down and the cops will be on you

Escaping The Cops
Run away from the cops by going through an ally. There will be a Limo that the green marker will point to. Get in and there will be some discussion about who is in the limo and what it means to you. Her name is Chang and she is one of the Red Poles of the Triad and she wants your help. She wants to take the Triad forward by changing buisness as usual and Big Smile Lee stands in both her and your way. Wei will agree to stand with Madam Chang in the turf wars.

And with that this will be the end of our Sleeping Dogs Meet The New Boss Guide. Make sure to keep checking back for more guides, news, videos and other gaming related content. As always hit us up in the comments if you want more help.

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