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Sleeping Dogs Mini Bus Racket Mission Walkthrough


Sleeping Dogs from Square-Enix has been all the rage lately. This Sleeping Dogs Mini Bus Racket walkthrough has two parts. The first is a Mini Bus Racket Video Walkthrough just bellow. The second part is a Sleeping Dogs Mini Bus Racket mission guide to help with some more in depth details and strategies. Take a look at both of these guides and if you need any other help make sure to hit us up in the comments!

Sleeping Dogs Mini Bus Racket Guide

Mission Start:
The Mini Bus Racket mission is after the Stick Up and Delivery mission. Head to Winston’s Mother’s restaurant to meet up and have a discussion about Doggeye’s and the bus rout traffic. A nice cut scene will talk about the bus routes and Winston gives you a gift. Take a bus with some of Winston’s men to make sure that your crew owns the route from now on.

Drive to the Braemar Hill bus stop: 1:38
Drive to the first stop. Try to avoid hitting surround cars and environments so that you don’t lose unnecessary points in your police score. The first stop is easy because one of your thugs will get out of the car and take care of everything. Let him and and be on your way to the next stop.

Drive to the Lei Tung bus stop: 2:01
Head over to the second stop. At this stop you have to take out some of Doggeye’s men. There are tons of opportunities to use the environment for environment takedowns to raise your traid score. Grab the brawlers and push them into the phone booths or close them in the vendors cage to take them out quickly and with a high score. After you take out the last thug you will get back on the bus and move on to the next stop.

Drive to the Admiralty bus stop: 3:26
The third stop is another drop off point for one of your thugs. While he is taking care of some of Doggeye’s crew a red bus will pass through. You will have a new objective, harass that bus driver into stopping and paying Winston for protection. Don’t ram the bus or the environment just sit behind it and honk until the bus stops.

Harass the rival minibus to make him pull over: 4:39
After the bus stops you will be ambushed by some of Doggeye’s men. Wait until the drive alongside your bus and ram them by pressing X. The more vehicle damage you do the more traid score you will get which will go towards more upgrades. Finish off all of Doggey’s men to move on to the next part.

Drop off the passengers at the Night Market: 5:33
The last part of the mission is basically a drop off. Drive carefully to keep the passenger satisfaction up. Basically just don’t ram into a bunch of things and you will be fine. Drop off your happy customers and reap the rewards of your hard work. You earned it after all! Good job completing the Mini Bus Racket mission in Sleeping Dogs.

Was the mission guide helpful? Do you need some explanation beyond the guide? Hit us up in the comments and let us know what’s up!

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