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Sleeping Dogs Mrs. Chu’s Revenge Mission Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs from Square-Enix has been all the rage lately. This Sleeping Dogs Mrs. Chu’s Revenge mission walkthrough has two parts. The first is a Mrs. Chu’s Revenge mission video walkthrough just bellow. The second part is a Sleeping Dogs Mrs. Chu’s Revenge guide to help with some more in depth details and strategies. Take a look at both of these guides and if you need any other help make sure to hit us up in the comments!

Sleeping Dogs Mrs. Chu’s Revenge Guide

Mission Start
Mrs. Chu is not happy, and for a good reason. Her son and daughter in law where just show on their wedding day. Mrs. Chu is not a person to be dealt with lightly. She will send you to find information on who and why someone would have killed her son. She will tell you to find one of the thugs and bring them to her.

When you leave the restaurant call Ricky and ask for Johnny Rat Faces number. If you haven’t done it before, you will track the cell phone number by getting to a specific area and then scanning different people on the cell tower. Do the trace and you will be given the location of this low level thug. Head over to the new location

Johnny’s Hangout
Johnny’s hangout is located just off the freeway. Johnny Rat Face is the lowlife that shot Uncle Po in The Wedding mission. Head inside the docks area and look for Johnny the Ratface.

There will be a ton of guards out by the dock. Use the environmental around you to take care of the thugs. A really brutal one is the engine block that is located right next to the thugs. There is also a trash can you can toss a guy into. Take care of all the guys in that area and move on.

There will be a boat docked in a small building with four guards. Take out the thugs and make sure to disarm when you can. One of the thugs has a knife. Grabbing that early can make the fight really simple so keep an eye out for that.

Confronting Johnny the Ratface
There will be a thug shooting from behind a small cover as soon as you run out of the building. Vualt over the bags to take him down and get a gun at the same time. After you grab the gun get behind some cover and take out the three or four guards before moving into the warehouse.

THere are a ton of thugs in this warehouse and some of them are armed heavily. Take your time. Don’t move up to fas because you can get surrounded pretty easily.When you feel comfortable vualt over some cover and take out as many guys as you can. There will be a sub machine gun on the left side of the room you can pick up if you would like some more firing power.

Making your way out of the warehouse there will be another set of thugs. Make sure not to shoot Johnny the Ratface. Look out especially for guys that are behind little pieces of wooden cover on the roofs of buildings. Take out everyone in this area and then move on.

Chasing Down Johnny
Johnny will have a bunch of guard cars. Hold LB to aim and then press RB to shoot. Aim for the tires on all of the vehicles and it will take them down quickly. Try not to hit cars passing by because that will lower your cop rating. Also make sure you are going on a strait line so you don’t crash your bike.

Do an action Hijack to get in Johnny’s car. Hold A to stand up on the motorcycle and then tap A to jump on to Johnny’s car. After you get in take the car back to the restaurant that is marked by the green marker. Johnny is not very happy about you taking him hostage but his tune will change when you get him back to Mrs. Chu.

There will be a crazy cut scene after that. Just remember nobody f***s with Mrs. Chu. That will be the end of our Sleeping Dogs Mrs. Chu’s Revenge Guide. Make sure to hit us up in the comments if you have any more questions!

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