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Sleeping Dogs Night Market Chase Mission Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs from Square-Enix has been all the rage lately. This Sleeping Dogs Night Market Chase mission walkthrough has two parts. The first is a Night Market Chase Mission video walkthrough just bellow. The second part is a Sleeping Dogs Night Market Chase guide to help with some more in depth details and strategies including a how to take down Ming in sleeping dogs guide at the end. Take a look at both of these guides and if you need any other help make sure to hit us up in the comments!

Sleeping Dogs Night Market Chase Guide

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Night Market Chase Start

Someone has pissed off Winston. Your job is to track him down and make him pay. Head outside the Winston’s Mother’s restaurant and head towards the marker. You have to go ask a vendor if they know where Ming is.

Before you head around the corner and chase Ming it might be a good idea to grab some food to have some health regeneration. After you round the corner you will see Ming. Start to chase him down.

He’s a ratty little guy but it should be pretty easy to stay behind him. Jump around on different objects when you can to make sure he doesn’t get away. Eventually he will run into an ally and call out to his buddies to protect him.

Ming’s Thugs
Use the environment to your advantage first and foremost. Grab onto the thugs and use the trash can, the fan, and the vendor doors to take out the thugs quickly. After taking them out start chasing Ming up to the roof top.

Some of these guys are armed so it is important to be careful. Again use the environment to your advantage. There are a ton of good environmental take downs in the area. Look for the fans all over the roof top. Take them out quickly because you have Ming ahead of you and he is still carrying a knife. A couple of knife blows can be deadly so you want to have some health left.

Taking down Ming
Counter, counter, counter. Ming has a knife in his hand and will block a lot of attacks. Your first reaction will probably be to grapple but he will kick you away. Wait to counter and then chain some basic and heavy attacks after his defense is opened up. After you take down Ming you will have completed the Night Market Chase mission. Don’t celebrate to much, because the cops are there to arrest you!

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