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Sleeping Dogs Payback Mission Walkthrough


Sleeping Dogs from Square-Enix has been all the rage lately. This Sleeping Dogs Payback mission walkthrough has two parts. The first is a Payback Mission video walkthrough just bellow. The second part is a Sleeping Dogs Payback guide to help with some more in depth details and strategies. Take a look at both of these guides and if you need any other help make sure to hit us up in the comments!

Sleeping Dogs Payback Guide

Payback Mission Start
Doggeye’s has done it now! He shot up Winston’s family restaurant. Your mission is to head out to one of Doggeye’s warehouses and take care of his minions while taking an important VIP. Make sure to fill up on some ice cream before you go, health regeneration will probably be important!

Get into the SUV and drive to the warehouse. There will be tons of interesting dialog when you are driving. A bunch of Winston’s men are suspicious of you. Looks like you will have to get your hands dirty. Also interestingly I grabbed an iron out of the trunk before I got in and they made mention to it in the dialog. Basically the dialog they have says that you have to kill one of Doggeye’s men. Really they make a bigger deal out of this then they should in the car because you are about to handle a ton of them.

Scout the Manufacturing Plant
Head over to the marker and open the door. Make your way through the hallway and there will be some thugs. If you grabbed the tire iron out of the car you can take care of them pretty quickly. There is also a box on the side of the room that can get rid of one of the thugs. Finish them off and move into the next room.

The next room has grapplers. Be careful if they get a hold of you they can do some damage. Use strikes and counters to get rid of the big guy and take out the other two. There is another batch of thugs on the far side of the room. Be careful because one of them has a knife can can do serious damage. There is a bunch of environmental things around including a devastating furnace that will burn someone to death.

After taking care of the enemies hand to hand there will be a guard at the end of the room with a pistol. This is where you learn how to vault disarm enemies in sleeping dogs. Ht the cover button to duck bellow the boxes while he is shooting. Vault and run over to the cover he is on. Vault again and Wei will knock out the guard and take his gun. Move on to the next room and be ready for some action!

Warehouse Shootout
The cover is your friend in this section of the payback mission. Peek out when you can to pop off some head shots. When you feel comfortable vault over cover and use vault shots to slow down time and take care of thugs. Vault shooting gives you plenty of time to pick off a headshot even when enemies are far away.

Pick up some ammo and head for the stairs. Look for highlighted gas cans as they can take care of a lot enemies all at once. You might have to pick a couple of guys off after blowing the red gas cans but most of them should be taken care of. Keep progressing forward and a new objective will pop up that says find Siu Wah.

A couple of thugs will run down the stairs but they are easy to take care of. Head up the stairs and into a room and a cut scene will start. Siu Wah will run and jump through a window leading into a chase. Follow him through the burning flames. If you jump down the railing immediately you can just wait for him to run his route. Follow him until he reaches the furnace and grab onto him with B.

Escorting Siu Wah
Grab onto Siu Wah and start running with A. When thugs come out to try to stop you hold the LT and pick off the thugs. Make your way out the door you originally came in and the cops will be waiting. A huge explosion will go off and now your back to chasing Siu Wah again.

Chase Siu Wah on the Police Motorcycle. This next part of the mission will show you how to do an action hijack in Sleeping Dogs if you have not done one before. Get behind Siu Wah’s vehicle and hold the A button. An arrow will pop up allowing you to hit A and jump on top of the police car. After grabbing the police car take it and Sui Wah to Winston.

Finishing the Payback mission will open up new doors and everyone in the triad will start to trust you a lot more. If you liked the guide make sure to hit us up in the comments and check out the main page. Pretty soon here we will have a compilation of all of the video and written guides in one place so look out for that. Thanks for watching and reading our Sleeping Dogs Payback Mission Walkthrough.

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