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Sleeping Dogs Popstar Case Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs Popstar Case Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs from Square-Enix has been all the rage lately. This Sleeping Dogs Popstar Case walkthrough has two parts. The first is a Popstar Case video walkthrough just bellow. The second part is a Sleeping Dogs Popstar case guide to help with some more in depth details and strategies. Take a look at both of these guides and if you need any other help make sure to hit us up in the comments!

Sleeping DogsClub Popstar Case Guide

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Popstar Case Start
The first case is available after your first time sleeping. A marker on the map will say a new case available every time a police case is ready to be done. Head over to the headquarters to start the first mission.

The first part of the case is to text Ming. Pull up your phone by pressing up on the D-pad and there will be a message already written into your phone to send. Press the A button to send the message to Ming. After a couple of transactions have gone by you will get a location on where to meet ming at. Jump in a vehicle and make your way over to the noodle shop.

Make your way into a small courtyard and talk to Ming. He will tell you that he needs you to talk to Popstar to make sure that everything is ok since he left Doggeye’s. Jump back in a car and head over to Popstar’s Courtyard.

Once you make it to the courtyard talk to Popstar to continue the case. He will tell you that you need to beat up a couple of deadbeats as payment. Run to the North and follow the marker to find the deadbeats outside a store. Grab the one big guy and move him over to the the phone booth to do a environmental takedown. After you take him down you will be able to get the payment from the other guy.

Return the payment back to Popstar. You will be able to pick up the drugs from Popstar to give them to Ming but there is a little snag. Some cops will show up and make things a little more tricky. The new objective is to loose the cops. Run over to the nearest car or motorcycle for a quick escape. Try to keep the damage down on surrounding cars so that you get a high police rating.

After losing the cops you will get an objective to call Teng. Hit up on the D-pad to bring up your phone and go into contacts to call Teng. After talking with her your objective will be to deliver the drugs to Ming. Head back to the noodle shop to finish the deal. You might come across the cops a couple of times, but just lose them again. After you bring the package to Ming it will be the end of your first police case in Sleeping Dogs.

Popstar Lead #2
The second police case will be available directly after the first. Popstar lead 2 is all about taking down Popstar’s drug supplier and doing surveillance. Jump in car and make your way to the waymarker. When you make it to the park you will have an objective to hack the camera, but you will have to take out some thugs first. Knock out the thugs with strikes, grapples and the environment. There is a vending machine as well as a trash can that will get rid of the thugs quickly. There is also a tire iron next to the motorcycle if you want a melee weapon.

After taking care of the guards you will have to hack the video camera. If you keep shuffling through numbers randomly you will get mixed up. Try starting with 0, 1, 2, 3 and then shuffling everything to the right one place if you do not find the right numbers.

After hacking the camera (which unfortunately I don’t have the first code, if you fail the second code is 9180) make your way back to your apartment to identify the supplier. Remember if you steal anything then your police rating will go down but with all the drug busts and other ways of gaining police rating points I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Once inside your apartment head over to the TV and press Y. Click on the North Point area and it will say triad activity. Click the Lok Fu Park camera and look at the thugs. Eventually a marker will go over the head of the supplier but in this case just pick out the guy carrying the briefcase. Call Teng after your done identifying the perk and you will have finished Popstar lead #2.

Popstar Lead #3
After doing a couple of the triad missions like the Mini Bus Racket you will be given the opportunity to do the Popstar Lead #3 police mission. The mission starts outside the same courtyard where you talked to Popstar originally. Head over there and hit the blue light to start the mission.

The first objective will be to get in the chicken van and stake out the drug spot. When Popstar’s leaves you will have to follow him. Don’t go crazy on the road while following him or it will raise his suspicion level and you will fail the mission. After tailing him you will end up at some docks.

Climb onto the roof after you get out of the chicken van and wait. your character should automatically hide behind a stack of wood, but if he doesn’t just press RB and he will stick to it like sticky cover in a lot of third person action games. While they are talking pull out your phone with up on the D-pad and take a picture with the right trigger. After doing this a couple of times they will head down to the boat docks.

Tail Popstar down to the docks and get past the guard. head over to the guard and press the Y button when prompted. Don’t be scared when your character pukes it is all part of the act to get in. Climb up on the boat on your left. Make sure to pick up the jade statue for the jade statue unlocks that is on the ledge of the boat. Climb up to the top to check out the deal.

Your objective will change to wait for the deal to finish. The deal will go bad and one of the guys will pull out a gun. Pop out your phone and take another picture of the gun and the action of him shooting. After Popstar shoots his supplier call Teng and a dialog about the attacks and the evidence you just obtained will take place. After the conversation head back to the chicken van.

All that is left to do is drive the van back to HQ. Some cops will show up to make this taste a little bit more difficult. Ram them a couple of times and head back to HQ to finish off the Popstar Lead #3 police mission and get the Take A Bite Out Of Crime achievement.

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