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Sleeping Dogs Thug Guide Walkthrough

There are 4 really basic types of thugs in Sleeping Dogs. Each of these types of thugs have a different fighting style and consequently have a different strategy for defeating them. This guide will go over the 4 different kinds of thugs as well as how to beat them effectively. Keep these different types of thugs in Sleeping Dogs in mind while you progress through the game so that you can effectively take out enemies and gain the best Triad ratings in the game.


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One type of enemy is the grapplers. These bigger looking guys can’t be grappled but can’t defend either so they are a sponge for striking attacks. Use heavy strikes, strikes and counters to defeat them and make sure to stay away from the B button! They also do this annoying thing where they put you in a headlock if they grab you from behind. Use X to kick any of the surrounding foes to keep them from taking free shots at you and then hammer on the Y button to escape the grapple.


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A second type of enemies are the strikers. These are versatile fighters who block your attacks. A lot of the time these enemies have short hair and are wearing some form of gym clothes pants suit. These guys do a little bit of everything so make sure to switch things up. Counter them to open them up to striking attacks and when they start to block the striking attacks hit them up with a grapple. These thugs are very common.

Armed Thugs

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A third type of enemy is the armed variety. These are guys usually carrying knives or tire irons and can be very dangerous. Don’t try to strike these enemies to break their attacks. Make sure to lock on and counter them. Do not try to Grapple them because they will just kick you in the stomach. ater in the game after you get some upgrades one of them will be a counter disarm. Make sure to get that upgrade fast because it will make your life a hell of a lot easier in Sleeping Dogs land. Also picking up their weapon is very useful at taking out a lot of baddies fast so look for their weapons on the ground after you beat them up.


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The last main type of enemies in Sleeping Dogs is the brawlers. The brawlers most of the time have a tank top and some sort of gloves with a mohawk or tall feathered hair. These thugs are extremely heavy hitters that will not be phased if you hit them when they wind up for their heavy strikes. They also have a strong defense. Counters and grapples are the best thing against these guys. It is also a good idea to take them out kind of quickly because left on their own their heavy strikes can take you down pretty easily.

There are a couple of special characters here and there but if you can identify the different attackers as one of these four baddies you will have no problem beating enemies in Sleeping Dogs. Thanks for checking out our guide and make sure to check back for more! Hit us up in the comments and give us some feedback or even tell us what you think of Sleeping Dogs so far.

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