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Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Guide Collection


Sleeping dogs is an open world RPG which means there is a ton of ground to cover. This Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Guide collection will be the place to be for Sleeping Dogs walkthroughs and guides. We will have everything up from our Sleeping Dogs Story Mission Walkthroughs, Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Walkthroughs, Sleeping Dogs Romance Walkthroughs and much much more. Make sure to bookmark this page because we have a ton of content complete with Sleeping Dogs video walkthroughs and still have a ton more to come! I hope this guide helps anyone who stops by and make sure to hit us up in the comments if you want to know the status of any of the guides. Please feel free to ask us anything even if it is just to shoot the poop about the game.

Story Mission Guide

The story missions are fantastic in Sleeping Dogs. This is a collection of all of the story missions we have currently and will be updated regularly. If you have any specific questions about the story missions make sure to hit us up in the comments!

Collectibles Walkthroughs

The collectibles are amazingly valuable in sleeping dogs. The jade statues and health shrines alone change gameplay so drastically that it is important to take your time and grab these trinkets. Check out these guides which will help you locate and find all of the collectibles in Sleeping Dogs.

Romance Guides

The romances in sleeping dogs are a bit lack luster to be honest. But they do unlock very powerful upgrades like collectible’s location on the mini map. Check out these guides if you want to make collecting things much easier in Sleeping Dogs.

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