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South Park Stick Of Truth Guide: Friends Guide

Stick Of truth guide

In Stick of Truth finding friends unlocks extra perks and funny Facebook messages. Some are from quests and some are just from finding them in South Park. This guide will help you find all of them for the maximum amount of perks! Let’s get started!

South Park Friends


This is a work in progress so I will update it as I find people. For the most part talking to a lot of these people unlocks them.

Butters – You automatically get Butters at the start of the game and he is your first team mate as well.

Scott Malkinson – You get him after you talk to him at the start of the game in Cartman’s kingdom.

Kenny – You have to get a flower for his quest and then he will be your friend. The flower can be found in Cartman’s kingdom behind the stable.

Dougie – You can find Dougie after the elves attack the kingdom, find him in front of Butters’ house.

Mrs and Mr Stotch Talk to them both inside Butters’ house and you will unlock them.

Mom – After the elf attack go back home and talk to your mom and she will be your friend.


Kelly Gardner – Check the map and head in between Clyde and Jimmy’s house and in front of the orange house you can find Kelly.

Pete – Head into Clyde’s garage and shoot the shiny part with your bow to unlock a ladder. Up the ladder you can find Pete.

Annie – Attack the bullies attacking her and she will send you a friend request, she can be found in front of city hall.

Mrs. Biggle – Find her on a bench next to the Post Office.

Officer Barbrady – Talk to Barbrady in front of Tom’s Rhinoplasty to unlock him as a friend.

Millie You can find Millie behind Unplanned Parenthood, kill the elves and break the snow bank to get to her.

General Disarray – You can find disarray inside the “Lair of Chaos” at the storage lockers. You will need the key to the unit which can be found at Butters’ house.

Francis – You can find him in front of Kyle’s house playing with a snowman, kill the snowman to unlock him as a friend.


Mr. Broglovski – He is shoveling snow in front of Kyle’s house, talk to him to unlock him as a friend.

Al Gore – He can be found behind Tweak’s Coffer, next to the movie theater.

Mr. Slave – After you beat a quest for him he becomes your friend.

Kevin – Beat Kevin’s quest and he will become your friend.

Jesus/Priest Maxi – Beat Priest Maxi’s quest and you will unlock Jesus as a friend.

Token/Craig/Tweaker Beating part of the main story unlocks all three of them.

Esther Found in the red building left of the Post Office.

Mr. McCormick – He can be found right next to the bar.

Princess Kenny

Skeeter/Bartender – Clear out Skeeter’s basement of rats and you will unlock both of these friends.

Kelly Ruthford – You can find Kelly at the bus stop, I had 28 friends when she accepted me.

Mrs. Cartman – Talk to her after the beginning to get her as a friend.

Randy – After you the first night you will be abducted, beat the aliens to unlock Randy.

Mr. Kim – After you beat a quest for him he will become your friend and a summon token.

Jason – Once you enter the Elf camp talk to the guy selling weapons and he will become your friend.

Timmy – Find all the Timmy travel points and Timmy becomes your friend.

Mrs. McCormick/Karen – Talk to both of them inside Kenny’s house and they will becomes your friends. I did this one on day 2 so I don’t know if you can do it before then.

Jimmy – Beat his quest and get the flute for him for him to become your friend.

Mr. Mackey – Drop off a monitor to his storage unit to get him as friend.

DogPoo – Destroy all the human banners and return to him to get him as a friend.


That will end the South Park Stick Of Truth Friend Guide, check back soon for updates!

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