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South Park Stick Of Truth Guide: Side Quest Guide

Stick Of Truth Guide

The Stick Of Truth has tons of side quests you can do to make friends and gain levels. Doing these will also help you see some familiar faces in the South Park world. This guide will help you find them and complete them as you play. Let’s get started.

South Park Side Quests

South Park fight

This is a work in progress so I will update it as I beat more and more.

Call The Banners – After the elf attack you will have to go get Craig, Token and Tweak for Cartman. Go back to your house and clear the path with an attack so you can make your way to Craig’s house. Once you get to Craig’s open the door to find out he is at detention.

Head up to Tweak’s Coffee so you can meet up with Tweak. Tweak needs you to go get the delivery for him at Kenny’s house. Go to Kenny’s front door and you will be sent into the garage to fight some meth heads. Beat them and and take the ladder up and follow the path until you can pick up what looks a paper bag.

Head to Token’s house and you will get pepper sprayed by the security guard. In order to get inside you will need to get a gas mask from Jimbo’s guns. After you get the gas mask put it on and go beat the security guard. After the guard is down go to the house and talk to Token.

Once you have both of them go to Cartman and he will tell you to rescue Craig from detention. You will need to use both Kenny and Butters to save him. When you get to the gate in the hallway and the guy with the Brass key runs away use Kenny to charm the guy through the gate. Once you are through the gate fight the guys to get the brass key and go use the brass key on the brass door. Inside the brass door room there are a ton of enemies. Use your ranged to knock stuff down anto the enemies to knock them out without having to fight them. You will need to use Dragonshout to knock over the barricade to get back to the silver key. Use Butters to heal the injured person in the room as well.

With the silver key you can open up the silver door and get the gold key. Use your ranged to knock down the key so you can enter the cafeteria. When you use the gold door you will have to face the Ginger boss. Keep yourself healed with Butters and heal Butters with Potions. Use any debuffs or poisons to keep him dwindling while you fight. I don’t remember if he can be stunned or not but I think I could stun him with Butters.

After that return to Cartman to complete the quest.
Underpants – One in Cartman’s moms room in a drawer. Two is in Kevin’s room in his drawer. Three is in Stan’s room in his drawer. Four is in Kyle’s Drawer. The last one is found in Stan’s parents room in a drawer.

Mr. Slave’s Package – You can start this quest by going to the post office and going behind the counter and collecting the jumping item. Once you get it go to Mr. Slave on the map and return it to him for a reward.

Lost forest

Find Jesus – Talk to Priest Maxi near city hall and he will ask you to find Jesus. Go to the church and head up to the alter, once Jesus laughs go back down and you can see him try to hide behind some pews. Go to the row he is in and talk to him then return to Priest Maxi.
He wants you to find Jesus again.

Return to the church and move both of the lights towards the alter then turn the light off to find Jesus behind the altar. Talk to him and you will beat the quest.

Vulcan Around – Talk to Kevin in his room and he will ask you to find his Ipad for him. Go to the church and behind the pine tree you can find the Ipad on the ground. Return to Kevin and he will be your friend.

ManBearPig – You get this one from Al Gore who can be found next to Tweak’s Coffee. He wants you to place 4 devices around South Park to help find ManBearPig.

Head to Kenny’s house and enter the garage/Meth Lab. Once inside the lab use the shelves to get to the ladder and climb up to the transformer. Place the sensor and head back down.

Next head to the U-Store-it way point and go up to the ranch. Go past the hobo, behind the big truck and up the path to access the ranch. Once there go to the ladder at the barn and keep heading up until you can place the sensor on the rooster.

Lastly head to the church way point and go to Stark’s pond. Head all the way to the end of the path and place the sensor on the sign. Head back to Al Gore and then to his hideout in the storage units, unit 204. If you haven’t got into the U-Store-it area yet climb up the ramp next to the hobo then use your ranged to knock down the ladder off the billboard. Go down the other side and and enter the building, hit the switch near the desk to open the gate.

Now you need to head down into the sewer and you will need the probe power to cross the gap, if you don’t have it yet just continue the story and come back when you do. Cross the gap and head down the next ladder. Use your ranged to stop the sewage from coming down then use the quest item on the generator. Return to Gore to complete the quest.

Rats in the Basement – Head into Skeeter’s bar and talk to him to get this quest. Go into his basement and clear out all his rats and go upstairs and talk to him to complete the quest.

Hide “n” Seek -A blonde girl is behind the light post near the tower of peace Timmy Travel station. A kid with brown hair can be found at the ranch, in the bottom left corner. You can find a brown haired kid in the sewer near the Post Office. You can find one in front of Mr. Slave’s house also. I’m still looking for the rest of them.

Mongolian Beef – You can find this at City Wok by talking to Mr. Kim. Head over to the tower of peace and you will have to fight your way to the top. At the top you will have a minor door puzzle to complete.

At the door you will need a dragon tail to open it, go through the wall and near the fireworks you can knock the dragon tail down. Return to the door and put the tail on, then shoot the dragon eyes and the door will be open. Once you head up the stairs you will face the Mongol Horde. They are all one unit so use a summon to end them quick or just beat them down.

The She-Orge You get this quest from Stan when you enter the Elf kingdom. Go into Stan’s house and enter his sisters room to face off with her. She is not a boss so summons can be used if you want to end this quickly. After you beat her the quest will be complete and Stan will become a friend.

Full Party

Unfriend Al Gore – You will have to return Al Gore’s hideout and fight him. With the help of Rield and Rusty Shackleford I was able to beat him. I used Jimmy as my partner and as suggested kept all of the Secret service asleep until I killed each of them. Be sure to bring lots of potions, both healing and power point ones, and keep damage over time spells on Gore. If he starts to regen use something that removes debuffs like Horn of Irritation.

Wasted Cache – You get this from Mr. Mackey in the community center after you unlock the are for the main story. Talk to him and head to the U-store-it locker he has there. When you enter you can see a bunch of monitors on a shelf, put it next to there and return to Mackey to complete the quest.

Magical Songs – You get this quest from Jimmy when you talk to him in the elf kingdom. Go up to the ranch and you will get a brief cut scene and a key to go into the barn. You will have to kill the Nazi cows in order to get the quest item for Jimmy. I used Jimmy to keep them asleep but when they all woke up they blew themselves up on me for massive damage so be sure to block. After you beat them climb up the ladder and knock down the lamp near the hay bales and use Dragonshout to burn them. Inside the bag you will find the flute.

Restoring the Balance – Talk to DogPoo in the elf kingdom and he will ask you to break human banners throughout South Park. You can see them on your map so go to each one and break them with your melee attack.

That will end the South Park Stick Of Truth Side Quest Guide, check back soon for updates!

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