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Spellforce Conquest Of Eo ALL City Locations Guide

Looking for the city locations in the game? This Spellforce Conquest Of Eo ALL City Location Guide shows you the location of each of the different cities so you can start earning your reputation in the area and unlocking some of the games best rewards.

Most of the cities in Spellforce Conquest of Eo are tied to blueprints and other rewards in your Grimoire. As such, it’s a good idea to track them down. Each of the locations, with the exception of one, give you multiple avenues of trade. You can buy rare and special ingredients for alchemy and necromancy, you can hire units specific to that race, and you can hire units that come with particular abilities such as Harvest or Hatred of Orcs.

Spellforce Conquest Of Eo ALL City Location Guide

The World Map of Spellforce Conquest Of Eo showing the location of every city
Check out the map above or the video below to find the location of each of the cities in the game.

City Rewards, Unlocks, And Features

All units here start with Gatherer. You can hire Alchemists, Soldiers, Human Workers, and Militia. A tavern here sells basic food and drink and you can recruit Drunk versions of Militia and Arsonists. Reaching maximum friendship here unlocks the Human Barracks.

Here you can recruit Alchemists, Soldiers, Militia and Human Workers. They all come with Fast Learner. You can also buy light-based items and also recruit Tiara’s Priests. There is a Dwarven District here where you can recruit Dwarves or an Elven District depending on a quest choice. You can also buy Glyphs here. There is a landmark nearby that lets you recruit Keepers if it’s within your domain.

Units hired here all have the Swimming trait. You can hire Crossbowmen, Elven Rangers, and Hunters. There is also a Herbalist that sells various alchemy ingredients and Glyphs.

All units here have Banisher. You can hire Griffon’s, Crossbowmen, Halberdiers, and Human Workers. There is also a bookstore here that sells various tomes and weapons. Reaching maximum friendship with this city unlocks the Might Amplifier room for your Tower.

Silver Drift Hollow
Silver Drift Hollow does not offer any recruits but you can buy Adamantium and Dwarven Workers here. There is also a Landmark near the city. You can purchase a lantern here that gives both Mining and Mining Boost. Reaching maximum friendship here unlocks Miners Guild.

All units here are hired with Dwarven Resilience. You can recruit Pyromancers, Sentries, Earth Shapers, Dwarven Workers and Axewielders. The Artificers guild here sells weapons and glyphs, and you can also recruit a Flaming Construct. Reaching maximum friendship here unlocks the Dwarven Barracks.

Grey Dusk Vale
All troops hired here start with Mountain Guide. You can recruit Ragehammers, Moleriders, Axewielders, and Dwarven Workers. This place sells glyphs and materials Mentalists, as well as a spell.

You can recruit units here that all have the Hatred With Orcs trait. You can recruit Paladins, Halberdiers, Soldiers, Militia, and Scouts. Also a stronghold where you can buy Glyphs and items. Reaching maximum friendship here unlocks Warriors Hall Tower building.

Units in the kennels here have Enslaved. You can hire Wyverns, Direwolf, Wolves and Wargs. There’s also a tavern here that sells basic food and Javelin Throwers that start with Drunk. Reaching maximum friendship here unlocks the Shop building for your tower.

Uram Gor
This city is abandoned. There are no facilities, hiring of troops, or any items to purchase here.

Orgash has a Slave Market that allows you to recruit a variety of units such as Elven Rangers, Purity Soldiers, Corrupted Elders, Snow Leopards, and Earth Shapers. All units recruited here start with Enslaved. You can also buy various occult items here and Orc Shamans that are hired with Summon Spider ability. Reaching maximum friendship here unlocks the Orc Barracks for your tower.

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