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Spellforce Conquest Of Eo Quest Choices & Consequences Guide

Many quests in the game give you choices and different outcomes. In this Spellforce Conquest Of Eo Quest Choices & Consequences Guide, we have a list of all the quests we have completed that involve choices and give you the best outcome for each of these quests.

Almost all of the dialogue options in the game have multiple outcomes and most of them have a single best outcome and then slightly worse or awful outcomes. For most of these quests, we are listing the outcome that offers the most rewards with no drawbacks.

Note: There are a lot of random elements to these choices so the dialogue and locations you find may be different. We have only included quests where the choices matter.

Main Story Choices

Goblin Camp
Choices: Wait and watch > Greet Them > I can feed you if you join me
Reward: Goblin Archers

The Hamlet
Choices: Show you mean no harm > Let’s trade > Yes, let’s trade > Gold or mana
Reward: Bunch of ingredients but you also get +20 Rep, other choices lose rep.

Militia Outpost
Choices: Either the 5 Gold or 5 Mana
Reward: Cutthroats

Lost Spell Page
Choices: [5 Mana] I will levitate a stone (other choices, same reward, but you take damage)
Reward: Spellpage

Lost Spell Page
Choices: There is an enchantment at work here
Reward: +50 XP and no fight

The Allfire
Choices: Fight (The other choice you gain Confused and have to fight anyway)
Reward: Allfire

Side Quest Choices

Village Gossip
Choices: Tell me what you heard > Interesting. We’ll keep an eye out for ruins
Reward: Another quest later

Dream Treasure (Do not attempt this mission without 10 Mana)
Choices: Explore the trapdoor (both options hurt) > [10 Mana] Use magic to attune to the item
Reward: 3x Crystalline Splinter item

The Charmers In Our Midst
Choices: Investigate the wagons > We’re here for added security > This is a trick
Reward: +20 Rep with Lyraine

Darkvale Gate
Choices: The King’s Grace will be reward enough
Reward: +40 Rep with Sevenkeeps

Glowing Eyes In The Night
Choices: Did someone die recently > Wait in the house
Reward: 13 Gold and 13 Rep with City of Lyraine.

Mushroom Circles
Choices: Pray to Zerbo > We’re not here to harm you > Smart tricks > See below
Reward: Gold choice is 20 gold. Soldier choice is a Wisp. Knowledge choice is +20 Research & Spell Page. More magic is +20 mana

Gone Too Far
Choices: Sorry for your lost > It will be done
Reward: +20 Gold

Gone Too Far Alternate
Choices: Give Finon Beer > Fight
Reward: Crafting supplies

Ghostly Prison
Choices: Comb through the ruins > Wait > Greet > Any choices
Reward: Twitching Eyeball

Books Of Lore
Choices: Browse the books > Ignore the ruckus
Part 2 Choices (With library card): Let them take you in willingly to avoid loss of rep
Part 3 Choices (With books): As requested > See below
Reward: No rewards but this skips the fight with the guards and avoids a reduction in rep with Sevenkeeps
Part 3 Rewards: Magical item is a ring that grants +10 health regen at start of turn or another rare magical item. Rare Ingredients gives you 6 items for alchemy and necromancy, all rare or higher. Spellbook gives you a Spellpage and +20 Research.
Notes After this quest you receive a message at your tower. Ask for evidence and offer to help. A dwarf then approaches you, offer to help him also.

The Dwarven Gate (There are multiple fights here, be prepared, save first)
Choices: Stand Your Ground > Fight > Prepare The Defenses > We wish to talk > Mediate this divide > He isn’t behind it > Any proof? > Side With Dwarves or Reinhard below
Reward: If you choose to side with the Magistrate, you are given A Shield of Blight (Grants +50% defense against dark), and some Sky Iron and Corrupted Adamantium crafting ingredients. You also gain +20 reputation with two factions and +6 reputation with Sevenkeeps. If you side with the Dwarves you get Sky Iron and Corrupted Adamantium. You get 20 reputation with two factions and +6 with Sevenkeeps. If you are a Necromancer you can also steal the soul which is a unique soul that is 3 blue, and grants +30 health, +5 Focus, and +5 Research per day.

Student’s Haunt
Choices: [5 Gold] I am very fond
Reward: Library Card

Yngrid’s Quest
Choices: Restrain Him > Fight > Take the Relic
Reward: Tome of Occultism, allows you to summon minor demons

Yngrid’s Quest Part II
Choices: Kill the slavers
Reward: More rewards from fight

Yngrid’s Quest Part III
Choices: Inspect the Shaper Ruin > Inspect Statues > Make a Rubbing
Reward: Research to progress

Unsunken Ruins
Choices: Examine the statue > Tuck the letter away > Read Lore
Reward: Letter to Lady Luck, +5 Research. You need to drop the letter in a Wishing Well that appears on the map from a random event

Book Thieves
Choices: Search the clearing > [5 Mana] Attune > Fight
Reward: This path just avoids having to search new locations

Strange Dreams
Choices: Go left > Continue left
Reward: 1x Fur, 1x Twitching Eyeball, 1x Translucent Silk, Kite Shield,

A Dwarf’s Revenge
Choices: So you were using us > Wait for this to play out >
Reward: 20 Gold, Spellpage

The Alchemists Nephew (Don’t do with less than 5 mana)
Choices: Follow the lights > Keep following the lights > Fight > [5 Mana] Divert the flow
Reward: Save the nephew

The Last Resort
Choices: Side with the villagers
Reward: You get multiple fights, rep with the city, and more items

Growing Troubles
Choices: Inspect The Field > Follow The Tracks > When you reach the next location, charge the man with his crimes
Reward: You get souls and rare ingredients

The Magic Of Southwatch
Choices: Hand Over The Scroll > [20 Mana]
Reward: You suffer Fatigued but you get a Spellpage doing it this way

Random Event Choices

Man Slumped By A Tree
Choices: Search For Signs
Reward: +10 Research

Choices: Toss a coin > Pull them out > Lead the way
Reward: Unlocks a valuable building at Sevenkeep and a very good quest line

Circle Mage & Boulder
Choices: What happened to you > I will grant your wish
Reward: Ereon’s Quill quest chain

Overturned Cart & Screaming
Choices: Help Them! Kill the wolves
Reward: +13 Rep with Yria

Those are the events and choices from my first playthrough. I hope to go through a second time and add more choices.

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Many quests in the game give you choices and different outcomes. In this Spellforce Conquest Of Eo Quest Choices & Consequences Guide, we have a list of all the quests we have completed that involve choices and give you the best outcome for each of these quests.
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