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Spiritfarer Food Giving Guide

Spiritfarer Food Giving Guide
Want to know what your friends favorite food is in Spiritfarer? This Spiritfarer Food Giving Guide will tell you exactly that, breaking down the likes of each of your friends and the spirits you encounter so you can maximize your food usage with your friends.

When you speak to one of your friends aboard your boat, a selection of options appear below them. The options include giving items, hugging, checking their stats and giving them food. If they are hungry, the apple icon will be different. Instead of a complete apple, it will look as though there’s been a bite taken out of it. That’s how you know when someone on your boat needs some good, home cooked grub.

Spiritfarer Food Giving Guide

Spiritfarer Food Giving
Spirit NameLikesDislikesFavorite
GwenComfort Foods, Fine DiningFruit, Anything with ShellfishBlack Coffee
AtulEverythingNothingPork Chops
SummerDessert, Saladsnon-vegan foodGrain Salad
AliceDeserts, Old Fashioned FoodExotic Food, StimulantsVeggie Pot Pie
StanleyBreakfast, DesertFruit, Vegetables, StimulantsFrench Fries
GiovanniFine Dining, StimulantsAnything with Eggs, CarbsBeef Fondue
AstridPlain FoodSugary Food, Fine Dining FoodNoodle Soup
GustavExotic Food, Acquired TasteAnything fried, Sugary Foods, FruitSurstromming
Bruce & MickeyPub Food (Fried food)Meals with one ingredient, CrayfishGarlic Bread
BuckComfort Food, Old Fashioned FoodFruit, LactoseTomato Pizza
ElenaPlain Food, Healthy FoodMeat, Fried FoodGreen Salad

We are continuing to update this Spiritfarer food guide as we progress through the game. If you’ve found some we’ve yet to add, post a comment below and we’ll be sure to update the guide. Big thanks to Saskia, Pauline, Bralyn, Valerie, Laur, Lilian, SquidE and Z for their help!

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