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Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness Side Quest Guide

Star Ocean Integrity And Faithlessness Side Quest Guide
Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness boasts an exciting array of side activities and side quests, each offering experience points, Fol and some of the best items and unlockables in the game. This Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness Side Quest Guide lists all of the side quests we’ve discovered on our travels including information regarding quest objectives, rewards and locations.

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Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness Side Quest Guide Myiddok

If It Tastes Like Blueberries, It Must Be Good For You
Drunk On Creation
Brute Strength Of Blacksmithing
The End Of Welchs Laboratory!?
Grand Designs
Happy Fun Bunny Time
Of Weapons And Womanizers (Spoilers)
Behavioral Study
Keys To The Present In The Past

Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness Side Quest Guide Central Resulia

The Things We Do For Beauty
First Steps As A Collector
Mothers Medicine
Cat Cozy
Shiny, Shiny Scales!
The Sweet Smell Of Collection
Subjugation Directive: Gileeghas
Subjugation Directive: Lnkyri
Batting 1,000 Against Luck Suckers
Give Back That Bonus
Find Ruddle
Trauma To Go
The Four Stooges
Subjugation Directive: Dek
Birthday Boy
Collection: The Cure for Youthful Fears
Subjugation Directive: Gargans
Corruption Of The Land
By The Skin Of His False Teeth
Wanted: Chaos Corpse Corporals
Subjugation Directive: Magvors
Wanted: The Skoudde Brothers
Building Character Into Your Crafts
Enrollment Gift
Reconstructing An Enigma
Feeling Fuzzy All Over
Emblematic Of Knighthood
Building Character Into Your Crafts
Collecting Coal For The Fire
Resulian Beauty: Collectors Edition
Collection Of Romantic Entanglements
The Four Stooges Strike Again
Subjugation Directive: Napto
Subjugation Directive: Moogmorts
Subjugation Directive: Walking Conflagrations
Spleen For A Spleen
Medal Of Honor
Device Of The Ancients
It Came From The North
Eggcellent Haul
Collection As Innocent As A Valkyrie
Lurking In The Shadows Of Collection
Subjugation Directive: Shelda
Survive This
Showdown At The Training Hall
Subjugation Directive: Arjain
Wanted Anonnus
Subjugation Directive: Hoodini
Subjugation Directive: Rihvnauts
Death To The Dine And Dasher
Lurking In The Shadows Of Collection
Subjugation Directive Mojangos
Subjugation Directive Vejheerits

Star Ocean Integrity And Faithlessness Saneroule Side Quests

Santeroule is the second town you will find with a quest board.
Revenge Is A Dish Best served Burnt
Collect The Metal That Plays Second Fiddle
Open Season On Ostharks
Open Season On Hados
Of Vital Importance After Hours
Sexy Little Devil
Building A House Takes A Collective Effort
Open Season On Fran
Runaround Ruddle
Sweet On The Outside
Steel Yourself For The Future
Too Little, Too Late
Collecting The Fungus Among Us
Open Season On Karacins
Open Season On Mujas
Quiet Down In There
For Whom The Bell Tomes
Cloaked In Mistakes
An Inkling For Artistry
The Enchanted Quill
Collecting Something Blue
Airing Out A Collection
Open Season On Orizons
Wanted: Randaghor
Open Season On Hourigh
An Emotional Gift Idea
Sylph-Sewn Robes
Open Season On Ruphin
Open Season On Ouyeits
Changing History: Young Women, Power and Pets
The Golden Rule Of Collecting
Open Season On Bordnaks
Open Season On Pyekards
Open Season On Douxrah
Uprooting Families

Star Ocean: Integrity And Faithlessness Side Quest Guide – Eastern Trei’Kur

Medical Emergency
Grannie Never Rests On Her Laurels
Taste Of Home
Collective Parting Of The Sands
Subjugation Directive: Sandra
Subjugation Directive: Zurtails
Processing The Possibilities
Mouth-Watering Collection
A Peeping Golem
Wanted: Hannah
That Darn Ruddle
Empty Shelves, Empty Coffers
Reaping Bloody Benefits
The Collective Gift Of Giving
Subjugation Directive: Sythwas
Garttoe The Guerillas
War And Peace

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