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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fish Location Guide

Want To Find All Of The Fish? We've Got You Covered

There is an aquarium in the cantina that you can fill with rare fish. This Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fish Location Guide tells you exactly where to find all of the 12 fish for Skoova Stev so you can complete the side quest, get the trophy, and fill the cantina with some wonderful sights.

Where To Find All The Fish In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Before you are able to gather the fish for the aquarium in the Pyloon’s Saloon, you need to recruit Skoova. Once you have recruited Skoova he will begin appearing at specific spots throughout the game. The vast majority are on Koboh, but there are some off-world. It all works the same. You locate Skoova at one of the fishing locations and speak with him there. He will then tell you a little story, catch the fish, and automatically place it back into the Cantina in the aquarium.

Fingerlip Garpon
Big-Mouth Faa
See Fish
Fantailed Laa
Barbed Hookfish
Mee Fish
Viscid Lurker
Frilled Newt
Blue-Finned Crayfish

If you’re wondering how to clean the aquarium, you simply need to put more fish inside.

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