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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perks Guide

We’ve got a complete list of perks and where you can find them in our detailed Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perks Guide. Check out the guide below for a list of each Perk in the game, the location of the Perk, and any requirements needed to learn the Perk.

First, below you will find a table. It lists the name of each of the Perks you can find in Star Wars Jedi Survivor alongside additional information. The table includes a description of the Perk, telling you exactly what it does, as well as how many Perk Slots it costs to equip it. After that, we have a complete list of all Perk locations with a map and video showing you where to find any of the Perks in the table.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor List Of All Perks

Perk NamePerk EffectPerk Cost
AmbidexterityShooting targets increases lightsaber damage3
CenteredStaggers nearby enemies when healing. Can take one hit without interruption2
DexterityLightsaber throws deal more damage2
ElixirHealing stims also fill super meter2
EquilibriumUsing the force increases the next lightsaber attacks damage3
FellowshipBD-1 holds an extra stim. Stims do not heal to full4
FluxIncrease Force regen, maximum force decreased1
FortificationLife regens up to a small amount3
FortitudeIncreases lightsaber & incoming damage4
GamblerIncreases experience. No respawn on death4
MarksmanshipBlaster shots do more damage3
PatienceUsing Slow ability also restores life3
PerplexityIncreases damage dealt by confused characters2
PersistenceEach kill regens life2
PrecisionParry timing is shorter but cal deals more stamina damage when parrying2
PurityMassively increases damage dealt and receivedFree
RecuperationIncreases minimum level of force required for regen to start3
ResilienceBlock meter increased1
ShatterMore effective at breaking enemy guard2
SteadfastAbsorb one hit while sprinting 1
TrendsetterRandomizes Cals appearance whenever he diesFree
UnflinchingAbsorb one hit when charging the blaster1
VersatilityDeal extra damage when switching stances3
WarriorReplaces enemies with more difficult encountersFree
WisdomGain more experience from defeating enemies3

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Where To Find Perks Guide

Shatter Perk
Resilience Perk
Equilibrium Perk
Versatility Perk
Wisdom Perk
Elixir Perk
Flux Perk
Steadfast Perk
Dexterity Perk
Precision Perk
Centered Perk
Perplexity Perk
Persistence Perk
Gambler Perk
Patience Perk
Recuperation Perk
Fellowship Perk
Fortitude Perk
Marksmanship Perk
Unflinching Perk
Fortification Perk
Purity Perk
Warrior Perk
Trendsetter Perk

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Where To Find Perk Slot Upgrades

That’s all of the Perks in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and everything you need to know to grab them up yourself.

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