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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rumor Guide

Rumors in Star Wars Jedi Survivor are side quests. Check out this Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rumor Guide to find them all as you are playing the game. This way you don’t miss the hidden ones out in the wastelands.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Side Quest Guide

Ashe Javi
Missing Miners
Investigate The Roller Mine Factory
Check The Jukebox
Find The High Republic Stash
Recruit The Mysterious Fisherman
High Republic Chamber In The Valley
Abandoned Shack
Gorges Secret
Help Zygg In The Swamp
We've got a complete list of perks and where you can find them in our detailed Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perks Guide. Check out the guide below for a list of each Perk in the game, the location of the Perk, and any requirements needed to learn the Perk.
Melted metal doors are one of the many obstacles Cal faces on his adventure. In this guide on How To Destroy Melted Doors & Walls In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we'll explain the process behind the doors that appear to have been melted, leaving behind a ruined surface and something you would think a lightsaber would make quick work of.
In the Phon Qi Caverns you will find unique doors that you won't find anywhere else. In this guide on How To Open Metal Electricity Doors In Phon Qi Caverns In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we explain the familiar mechanic behind opening these doors so you can explore the caverns and take out some enemies.
Once you recruit Skoova Stev and unlock the Aquarium, it starts out as dirty. In this guide on How To Clean The Aquarium In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we'll provide the disappointing breakdown of how the aquarium is cleaned so all of us folk with a bit of OCD can revel and look at a filthy tank for half of the game.

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