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Star Wars Uprising Tips And Tricks

Star Wars Rising Tips And Tricks
Star Wars Uprising is a new free to play Star Wars MMO on phones and tablets. There are a few things that might be confusing to players new to the genre. These Star Wars Uprising Tips and Tricks will help you get a handle on the game quickly!

Star Wars Rising Tips And Tricks

Level Up Your Gear – The only way to keep trucking through the missions is to level your gear. I normally focus on leveling my weapon and then my best armor and my second best piece of armor. I don’t feel overpowered by any means but I also haven’t ran into a battle I couldn’t win yet either. If you have a rare piece of armor you should focus on that. Try to avoid spreading it out throughout your equipment, you replace some things often.

Join A Cartel – This I cannot stress enough. In an MMO you will need friends to help you get the best gear and beat some of the harder missions. It is very simple to join a Cartel. Go to chat and ask if any Cartels are currently recruiting, don’t worry they always are. Someone will then message you and invite you to a Cartel within a few minutes. If you pull up your chat window and click the fist icon, you should see you invite there and you can accept.

Get A Good Combo – By this I mean a good skill combo that you like. I’ll give you the one I like that has gotten me to level 14 with no deaths and no issues. I use Power Cell, Hold Out Blaster and Think Fast if I use my Ultimate. Power Cell gives you more energy so you can hold power Hold Out Blaster twice as long and drop multiple enemies quickly. If you toss Think Fast on there you also get a minor damage buff that will help you burn them down even quicker.

Test Your Directional Skills – I say this because certain ones can be charged up and others can be held. Hold Out Blaster can be held down and fired like a machine gun until you run out of energy, didn’t know this until level 5. On the other hand Scatter Gun has to be charged before being fired. Just test them out to get the maximum amount of damage.

How To Invite People – If you are looking to invite someone just open your chat menu and click on there name. From there you can invite them to your party, mute them, add them as friends and a few other things. You can find your friend’s list and your Cartel in the Influence menu, where your crew members are. Just click on the fist or the people icon to invite someone from there.

Send Crew Members Out While You Quest – If you have Crew members then send them out! Even if there is only a 50% they will succeed, more often than not they come back as long as it is yellow. Avoid doing the red missions though, they have a very hard time doing those. You can recruit more members from crew quests and daily missions.

Star Wars Rising Hints

Do Your Dailies – You will get daily challenging missions that will net you pretty good rewards. You can find these on the planet select screen and they are called Assault missions. These are best done with two people and can help your Cartel grow in rank. Completing all 5 will net you the best reward.

Quest Tiers – Outside of the starter quest, all quests will have difficulty tiers. The higher the difficulty, the better the loot. Green means easy, yellow means challenging and red means hard. If a quest is yellow, you should be able to handle it. If a quest is red, drop it down a difficulty and try it there. If you can’t find a partner for Assault missions you can do it on an easy tier still!

Fill Out Your Armory – Finding new armor, weapons and crew members will get your bonus rewards in the armory. Each time you go there you will get credits, a crane ticket and on occasion, Chromium. It’s free extra loot so be sure to check it out!

Look Out For Loot Chests – Typically you can find one chest per level. They aren’t that hard to find but if you miss it you could miss a new weapon or armor piece. If you are running through a level, just keep your eye open for a chest. The small levels won’t have them in it.

You Can Heal In Combat – You can use the healing tanks while you are in combat. So if you go into a fight at full hp and see a Heal tank, save it for when you are actually taking damage. This is also super useful when you are doing a boss fight, saved me many times.

There Are NO Lightsabers – I see this question asked a TON in chat so I will just throw that in. You cannot be a Jedi or Sith in the game and therefore you cannot use a Lightsaber. There are blades you can use but you will not be using a Lightsaber.

Combine Desh Scraps – The Desh Scraps are what you use to upgrade you equipment. This is something I wish I knew when I started the game. Combing them up to their next level will actually get you a little bit of bonus experience each time. Combing the level 1 Desh Scraps to a level 2 will get you 1640 experience instead of 1600. Combing the level 2 Desh Scraps into a level 3 will get you 6724 experience instead of 6560. There higher you go with this, the bigger the bonus you will get! It will cost credits so run you credit dailies to keep on top of it.

I am updating this as I play so check back soon for more tips!

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  1. This is a very well written set of tips -Thank You! If you choose to update please consider adding the way blueprints work and the caution not to sell/salvage gear until you get the associated blue print. I’m really enjoying the game but wish I knew I needed to keep the initial gear to complete the sets for the blueprints.

  2. 1. As Shamonas stated, combining DESH is not worth the Credits. As you can easily run repeatables to get higher level desh. Desh is the easiest thing to obtain in the game. Im at a 2443 PR, and I sell all green (level 3) and below desh, and sometimes I even sell the blues (level 4). At this level I can run a 4 minute repeatable and easily get one or two purple (level 5) desh. Credit’s become scarce as you start upgrading higher level stuff.

    2. COMPLETE BLUEPRINTS, you will be grateful later. To do this, level gear to the max and upgrade, even gear your not equiping. Once you max out the top level, then SALVAGE it. You will of course get multiple duplicates of gear you have already leveled, so check your armory to see if you have leveled it yet (there will be a CHECK BOX next to an item you have leveled up already). Your crew runs need those blueprints to be upgraded. I made the mistake of selling gear without leveling it and has a bunch of low level crew members with incomplete blueprints.

    3. NOT ALL GEAR HAS TO BE LEVELED. You will find many crew member use only a few blueprints (survivalist, scavenger, etc) but some blueprints (enforcer for example) does not have any crew members that need that blueprint that I am aware of. So unless your going to equip it, you may not want to waste the desh, gems and credits level or upgrade it (although you do get 15 chromium for maxing out a level of a piece of gear)

  3. Umm…you said there are no lightsabers. This guide is great but must be outdated because there are missions, very late in the game, lightsaber missions. They are extremely hard, you have to do a set of missions on the light & dark side…. but saying that light sabers don’t exist in the game is simply not true. You should not even think about starting these missions before you reach lvl 100 and have a great big pr…player rating, through good gear & be a skilled player.There are some good video guides on the net. But honestly Johnny Hurricane, how could you not know that the loghtsaber is an actual reward. Hard to get but doable if you stick to the game & also mistakes made on the first character due to lack of guidance can be avoided if you decide to make a new character 🙂 ..that costs a wee bit but can be very rewarding. I am a true addict lol, I love Star wars Uprising. Anyway Johnny great review & guide but needs update 🙂 & thx to Kris Giovanni for the great addition to this guide, very useful input & of course to Johnny Hurricane & GamersHeroes for making this possible as there aren’t many good guides & reviews out there… Yet anyway ??

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