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Star Wars: The Old Republic Crafting Guide

Star Wars The Old Republic Crafting Guide
The crafting in ToR can seem quite overwhelming to start with, this Star Wars: The Old Republic Crafting Guide will give you the basic information to get you started as well as some tips and info on optimizing your crafting while questing.

The first step of crafting is to actually pick your crafts. There are two types of crafts, Crafting and Missions, you get to select 1 craft and 2 missions. Progress through Chapter 1 and you’ll eventually get the choice of selecting your crafts, make sure you speak with every single craft related vendor as you get a nice bonus to experience points for discovering each one and it only takes a minute. You’ll also notice you unlock Codex entries for each one, decide on your main craft by reading through the Codex entries to see what you can create, you will also see at the bottom of each codex entry that it tells you the suggested missions to accompany the craft, it’s best you get the ones that match for your first character.

At the beginning you want to avoid purchasing materials as crafting is already expensive, instead send your Companion on the Mission crafts to collect the materials you need, buy the first few basic recipes from your vendor. Always try to reverse engineer the items you craft, you can do this by opening your bag and selecting the option in the top right. This gives you materials back and also has a chance of rewarding you with a recipe for a better version of that crafted item. Be smart when sending your companion off to craft, at the start you only have 1 and you may find yourself struggling with quests if your Companion is away crafting. Also note, Companions get a lot of affection during conversations so if you have a few quests to hand in, hold off on sending your Companion away.

You will also want to gather as many free ingredients as possible, to do this open your map and make sure the filter shows “Resources” in the bottom left. This makes resources appear in a sunburst icon on your minimap.

You can also drag the crafts, from the companion menu, onto your hotbar so that you can quickly and easily send your Companions off on missions while you’re in groups or questing.

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