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Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron Locations – Coruscant

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Each Planet in Star Wars: The Old Republic hosts at least 3 unique Datacrons, each Datacron will either permanently boost a stat or give you a colored Matrix Shard. This Datacron Location Guide is for the planet Coruscant and lists all available Datacrons and Matrix Shards, pictures will be included shortly.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron Location Guide

Presence +2
During the quest chain Republics most wanted you will have to find with some guys know as The Guild. Eventually you will end up in the Old Galactic Market fighting these guys. Once there look at your map and find coordinates X 2320 and Y 472. The Datacron is up there. There’s a lift one side that’s broken, head up the nearby ramp and then turn back on yourself to find the working lift. Fight your way to the point and there will be a gold elite mob protecting it. I had two people when I brought it down so try to bring a friend. He doesn’t have any crazy abilities or anything so it’s pretty easy. After you beat him click on the box to get +2 Presence.

Endurance +2
Head to Graffiti Square in Black Sun Territory. It’s the zone with the Cantina in it, look to the North West corner of the zone, up the ramp on the upper level. There’s a group of crates, boxes and barrels. Go around the back of all the boxes to climb up. Once you reach the top, near the fire, climb across the closet pipe, to the other balcony. Once across, climb back on the other pipe to reach past the broken part of the original balcony. Go to the end of that Balcony and climb across the sign, this bit is tricky so watch your first jump. Run to the end of the last balcony and the Datacron is near the fire.

Cunning +2
This one is a bit tricky, it’s located in Justicar Territory. Once you arrive in Justicar Territory, head West towards the docks. If you actually get to the docks, you’ve gone to far. Just before the entrance to the docks, the path splits into two entrances, directly opposite these entrances is a number of large crates and a few boxes. Climb the boxes and crates to the top and then jump onto the pipe. Once you’re on the pipe, you can see the glow from the Datacron up and to your left, on top of the crates. Follow the pipe along until you reach the other pipes. Jump straight across all 3 pipes towards the wall and then climb over the huge archway pipe to the other side. Note, you can walk from the arch pipe to the last one so there’s no need to jump. From there simply head to the Datacron.

Yellow Matrix Shard
This is the second Datacron located in Justicar Territory. This one is hidden in the Works, to access the works simply follow the first South heading path you come across. You’ll need to use an elevator to get down to The Works Datacron. Once you enter the Works head west until you get the option of going South. There’s 2 South passageways, you want to head down the Eastern one. You’ll want to keep going South until you reach the next Southern Entrance, there will be a North passage as well. Follow the North passageway through to the Pipeworks Passage. At the most North Eastern corner of the passage, theirs a couple of boxes surrounded by mobs, jump the boxes and head up the pipe (You should be directly South of the entrance room, you just have to go the long way round to get here). If you reach the Elite Cyth, you’ve gone too far. Simply follow the very long pipe to the end of that room and then jump across using the other pipe to the opposite side heading down the corridor. You’ll see a smaller pipe heading way up above you, jump on that and follow it to the Datacron.

Strength +2
Head into the Jedi Temple from the elevator, once inside take a right (not into the door, through the arch and then right) and you’ll see a huge column that connects to the second floor. Walk round to the front of the column and turn to climb it. Once at the top, the datacron is located behind you, you need to walk carefully around the edging to another platform. There’s a Champion Dark Sith meditating nearby, you can avoid him but he drops some good loot. I’d advise you to collect the datacron first and then go all the way back up to attempt to kill him as the fight can go sour pretty quickly. You can avoid the long journey back up by using the /Stuck command, it will return you back to the platform the Sith is standing on.

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  1. one is in the works u have to climb up sum pipes on the right hand side of the map and it leads you all the way to the left of the map…someone also told me theres one at the start of Coruscant not too sure gonna check it out

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