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Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron Locations – Ord Mantel

Star Wars The Old Republic Ord Mantal Datacrons
Each Planet in Star Wars: The Old Republic hosts at least 3 unique Datacrons, each Datacron will either permanently boost a stat or give you a colored Matrix Shard. This Datacron Location Guide is for the planet Ord Mantel and lists all available Datacrons and Matrix Shards, pictures will be included shortly.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron Datacron location guide – Nearest speeder point Falks Reach – Use the bike to go to Falks reach or walk there yourself. Falks reach is in Mannet Point if you haven’t been there yet. Once there you will see some water and to the left is broken bridge. Go through the water and under the broken bridge. Keep going and on the beach you should see two hostages with an elite guy by them. If you don’t see them you should see the Datacron light in the distance. The elite isn’t to bad kill him and grab the Datacron which will give you a Red Matrix Shard. Coordinates are X 780, Y 132, Z 7.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron location guide – Nearest speeder point Ordan Village – Once you arrive at Ordan go west to Savrip Island. If you haven’t been there it has a bunch of 7-9 elite enemies so don’t go alone unless you can handle it. On the bottom side of the island go to X -762, Y -627 and Z 24. At the point you should see a rock formation that kind of looks like a ramp. Climb up there and start going to the right. You might have to kill an elite Savrip on the way there but I was high level so it didn’t fight me. Keep following the rocks to the other side of the mountain and you should see the light from the Datacron. It is +2 aim and is at X -656, Y -575 and Z 43. You will have to cross from the first hill you are on to get to it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron – Nearest bike location Volcano camp – Once you get to the volcano camp look at your map. If you have been to Mount Avilata that is where we want to go. If not look south and west and you should see a point where the land falls off for a bit then reforms itself. In that little crevice is where we want to be. Head down that way and go onto the beach. Keep going until you get to the gap in the mountains. The coordinates are X -976 , Y 208, Z 8. You should see the yellow light coming off from it around there. This one gives you +2 presence.

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