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Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron Locations – Tython

Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron Locations - Tython
Each Planet in Star Wars: The Old Republic hosts at least 3 unique Datacrons, each Datacron will either permanently boost a stat or give you a colored Matrix Shard. This Datacron Location Guide is for the planet Tython and lists all available Datacrons and Matrix Shards, pictures will be included shortly.

Tython Datacron Locations

The first Tython Datacron gives a +2 to Endurance. The closest speeder location is Elarian Trail. You can find it at the exit to a cave. Just South of the “F” in Flesh Raider Territory is a river, if you follow that river to the Northern point, you will find a cave entrance. Follow that cave through to the end and you’ll be atop a cliff face, the Datacron is location there.

The second Tython Datacraon is located in The Ruins of Kaleth and gives a +2 to Willpower. The closest speeder location is Elarian Trail. To locate the Datacron head to the Ruins and climb the pillar that leads to the Upper Kaleth Ruins. Once you’re at the top of the pillar, look to your right and you’ll see the purple glow in the distance. Climb the very large broken pillar to your right to get to the location.

The last Tython Datacron can be found in The Forge Remnants. Head through the Forge until your reach the boss mob just before the archway. Head East, and round the ruins, you can jump up some rocks. Jump over and you’ll see a few camps and Flesh Raiders praying to bones, the Datacron is at the back. You’re rewarded with a Blue Matrix Shard.

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