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Star Wars ToR Datacron Locations

Star Wars ToR Datacron Locations

Star Wars ToR adds something new to the MMO world and they call them Datacrons. These boxes give you a permanent stat boost to a certain stat(no you can’t pick). This Datacron location guide will help you become the best possible character out there! Let’s get started!

This is a huge work in progress and I will update as frequently as I can but if you know of one please put it in the comments for me. Put the location, what stat, coordinates(x,y), and if you are Sith or Republic so we know the area. I’m sure both sides can collect any of the Datacrons but it is easier if we know which side it is on.


Tython Datacron Locations
The first Tython Datacron gives a +2 to Endurance. You can find it at the exit to a cave. Just South of the “F” in Flesh Raider Territory is a river, if you follow that river to the Northern point, you will find a cave entrance. Follow that cave through to the end and you’ll be atop a cliff face, the Datacron is location there.

The second Tython Datacraon is located in The Ruins of Kaleth and gives a +2 to Willpower. To locate the Datacron head to the Ruins and climb the pillar that leads to the Upper Kaleth Ruins. Once you’re at the top of the pillar, look to your right and you’ll see the purple glow in the distance. Climb the very large broken pillar to your right to get to the location.

The last Tython Datacron can be found in The Forge Remnants. Head through the Forge until your reach the boss mob just before the archway. Head East, and round the ruins, you can jump up some rocks. Jump over and you’ll see a few camps and Flesh Raiders praying to bones, the Datacron is at the back. You’re rewarded with a Blue Matrix Shard.

Ord Mantel

Star Wars ToR Datacron location guide – Nearest speeder point Falks Reach – Use the bike to go to Falks reach or walk there yourself. Falks reach is in Mannet Point if you haven’t been there yet. Once there you will see some water and to the left is broken bridge. Go through the water and under the broken bridge. Keep going and on the beach you should see two hostages with an elite guy by them. If you don’t see them you should see the Datacron light in the distance. The elite isn’t to bad kill him and grab the Datacron which will give you a Red Matrix Shard. Coordinates are X 780, Y 132, Z 7.

Star Wars ToR Datacron location guide – Nearest speeder point Ordan Village – Once you arrive at Ordan go west to Savrip Island. If you haven’t been there it has a bunch of 7-9 elite enemies so don’t go alone unless you can handle it. On the bottom side of the island go to X -762, Y -627 and Z 24. At the point you should see a rock formation that kind of looks like a ramp. Climb up there and start going to the right. You might have to kill an elite Savrip on the way there but I was high level so it didn’t fight me. Keep following the rocks to the other side of the mountain and you should see the light from the Datacron. It is +2 aim and is at X -656, Y -575 and Z 43. You will have to cross from the first hill you are on to get to it.

Star Wars ToR Datacron location guide – Nearest bike location Volcano camp – Once you get to the volcano camp look at your map. If you have been to Mount Avilata that is where we want to go. If not look south and west and you should see a point where the land falls off for a bit then reforms itself. In that little crevice is where we want to be. Head down that way and go onto the beach. Keep going until you get to the gap in the mountains. The coordinates are X -976 , Y 208, Z 8. You should see the yellow light coming off from it around there. This one gives you +2 presence.


Star Wars ToR Datacron location guide – During the quest chain Republics most wanted you will have to find with some guys know as The Guild. Eventually you will end up in the Old Galactic Market fighting these guys. Once there look at your map and find coordinates X 2320 and Y 472. The Datacron is up there. Fight your way to the point and there will be a gold elite mob protecting it. I had two people when I brought it down so try to bring a friend. He doesn’t have any crazy abilities or anything so it’s pretty easy. After you beat him click on the box to get +2 Presence.


That will end the Star Wars ToR Datacron location guide for now. Once the servers are back up I will be looking for more! If you know one please let me know.

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