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Star Wars ToR Leveling Guide

Star Wars ToR Leveling Guide

There are tons of ways to level up in Star Wars The Old republic and everyone wants to know the fastest way. This leveling guide will help you pick the way that best suits your tastes and take you to the top! So let’s get started!

I am not all knowing when it comes to this game so if you know a fast way leave a comment and I’ll add it and give you credit.

Star Wars The Old Republic leveling guide 1 – Co Op – This game encourages traveling with real companions. The game gives you bonus loot and exp for grouping. Me and friend have been playing since the start and the difference in level has become noticeable. I am on average 2-3 levels above the quests I am doing which really makes them go by much faster.

Star Wars The Old Republic leveling guide 2 – Quests – The traditional way of going out and doing all the quests from each hub and getting exp. This works but does take some time since you need to pick a lot of dialogue choices. The thing I really want to bring up is bonus quests. If you see an enemy you haven’t seen yet attack it and see if it is a bonus quest to kill x amount or whatever. They are annoying but if you skip them expect to fall behind.

Star Wars The Old Republic leveling guide 3 – PVP – A Match of PVP is worth more then turning in two quests(At my level anyways). I normally get around 14k exp and 2k credits on my level 28. It goes up as you do. There is also a daily quest to win a match in Republic fleet and they give some good gear if you have the commendations for them. Be warned though there is no bracket at the moment and you can face any level. They will buff you bu if you get caught by a 50 at level 20 good luck.

Star Wars The Old Republic leveling guide 4 – Daily flashpoints – Any quest labeled heroic is repeatable every 24 hours. This is good if you want to grind instances or just take a day off and come back to an easy quest. If you can get a group these are very fast but the group has to be decent. The mobs give good exp and the bosses drop good loot but without a group this method is useless.

That will end the Star Wars The Old Republic leveling guide. As far as I know there is no fast way to level. Check back soon for updates!

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