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Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron Locations Taris

Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron Locations Taris

The next planet in Star Wars The Old Republic is called Taris. You may remember this planet from Kotor and the area gives you some Kotor lore. There are five Datacrons here and I will help you find all of them. So let’s get started!

I’m doing this as I go so if you don’t see the one you are missing give it a bit then check back.

Star Wars The Old Republic Taris Datacron Location Guide

+ 2 Willpower – Closest bike Waypoint Station Aurek

During your stay here on the planet you will do some quests that have to do with Dynamet hospital. There are infected people in here and it is a bonus to kill them. On the very bottom floor(the entrance almost looks like you are going underground) you can find the Datacron. Head inside and follow the path until you get to a large room where you can go up if you wanted. In that room in the right corner you should see some debris blocking off a door. Well it actually isn’t jump over the debris and go through the door behind it. Follow that path all the way up and you will get the Datacron. Coordinates are X -362, Y -225, Y -148

+ 2 Strength – Closest speeder Morne

Eventually while doing your class quest on Taris you will end up in Morne. From there you will head up north to Transport Station 5(X 389, Y 3, Z -180). In here you can do the quest the Lost cairn. There are 5 Cairns in all and the easiest way to get the Datacron is to do this quest. Follow the markers for the Cairns until you make it to the 4th one. If you already did the quest then it was in the very large area to the north east. Once you enter the area you can look to the left and in the distance you should see the red light coming from it. It is on a broken tower. You need to go around and up some debris that has a pipe sticking out of it. Take the pipe across then jump the gap to get the Datacron. Coordinates X 1187 Y-587 Z -137

Cunning + 2 – Closest Speeder Brejik’s Outpost

This one is a bit tricky so I will post a screen shot of where I want you to start at.

Taris Datacron

Go to the orange circle on the map and you will see a pipe that you can walk up. Walk up that pipe and you will be on the way to the Datacron. On you get off the pipe keep going until you have to make a right to a different structure. Go right and hop down to the bigger area. Keep following that south until you can’t go any further south without falling off. Jump down to the next platform and keep following it south. Watch you step around here you need to jump a couple times.

Once you hit the end you can either jump to the ground( should have a camp of guys fighting bad guys) or jump to the right and keep going for the Datacron. You will need to jump down to the slimmer platform and follow that. Be sure to get a good jump or else you will have to start over. Keep following that platform and watching the ground so you know when to jump and you will make it to the Datacron no problem. It has a giant yellow light coming out of it and is hard to miss. Coordinates X 1047, Y 454 .

That will end the Star Wars The Old Republic Taris Datacron Location Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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