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Star Wars Uprising Guide: Fast Leveling Guide

Star Wars Uprising Guide: Fast Leveing Guide
Leveling up in Star Wars Uprising can be tedious and boring if you don’t know where to quest. With a level cap of only 40, leveling up can be quick and easy. This Star Wars Uprising fast leveling guide will help you gain levels with ease!

Star Wars Uprising Level Up Guide

There are alot of different ways to level but these are the best ways to do it that I have found.

Story Missions – The Story missions will net you net you the most experience but they are few and far between. The worst part about these, sometimes you don’t won’t even get enough experience from the last one to make it to the next one. I always do my story missions on the highest level I can do to net myself as much experience as possible.

Assault Missions – These are the money makers. These will reset each night at 3am EST, 12am PST. These are basically 5 missions where you can farm EXP and loot with a partner. You can do them solo but I would do them with a partner for better loot and to get them done quicker. Doing all 5 will easily get you atleast one level if not two. These reset after 24 hours just like every other daily which sucks. If you do enough in a single sector you will get a sector battle which is another way to get experience.

Daily Missions – Always do you Daily Credit missions and Cartel missions. These give more than just experience and will help you in the long run. There is also a daily mission you will get from the faction representative in the city area at midnight. These can give some of the best loot in the game if done on hard difficulties.

Repeatable Missions – These do NOT net you experience but they will get you alot of equipment experience. You will get a new one every 5 levels from 15 on. The higher level ones will get your more equipment experience. You can do these with a friend to get them done quicker.

I am still playing so I will add more ways to level up quick as I go!

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