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Star Wars Uprising Guide: How To Get Fast Chromium Guide

Star Wars Uprising Guide: How To Get Fast Chromium
Chromium is the premium currency in Star Wars Uprising. You can get it for free in a few different ways if you know what you are doing. This Star Wars Uprising How To Get Fast Chromium guide will help you get it quickly so you can get more rare equipment quicker!

Star Wars Uprising How To Get Fast Chromium

The quickest way is of course to spend real money, but who wants to do that.

Star Wars Uprising How To Get Fast Chromium Guide – The best way to get Chromium quick is to upgrade your low tier weapons and armor. Any low tier weapons and armor can be upgraded to level 10 quickly and for not many credits. Select a low tier piece of armor or a weapon and level it up to the max. Once it is leveled up to the max, leave your inventory and go to your armory. If you have no upgraded it to max level before you will get 15 Chromium for your first time. That means each time you do a new weapon or armor piece you will get 15 Chromium. If you upgrade it to star level 2 and do it again, 15 more Chromium. This is the fastest way to get free chromium that I’ve seen so far.

Star Wars Uprising How To Get Fast Chromium Guide 2 – While you are upgrading weapons and armor you can send off your crew members to do missions. Certain missions will get you extra Chromium if you send your crew members out on them. The really easy ones only net you about 2 Chromium per turn but there are harder ones that will net you more. I saw one with a skull by it yesterday but I was to low level to complete it. I will update when I get some of the harder missions done.

Star Wars Uprising How To Get Fast Chromium Guide 3 – The last way to get free Chromium at the moment, is logging in every Monday. This is kind of weird because the game came out on a Wednesday. Every day you log in you will get log in rewards. Mondays are more Chromium but I have no idea how much. If I had to guess, it will be around 10-20 because they are cheap. I will update on Monday when I play.

Fully Level Crew Members – I just found out that if you level up a crew level to their max you will get an additional 15 Chromium. Some of the early crew members have such a low level this can be done decently quick depending on the missions.

I will be updating this will more ways to get Chromium as I find more. If you know a way to get easy Chromium, please leave a comment and help us out!

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