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Starfield Domestication Guide – How Does Domestication Work

One of the skills in Starfield let’s you capture creatures for your outposts. Check out this Starfield Domestication – How Does Domestication Work Guide to find out how to get it working. This way you can actually find the thing you researched.

Starfield Domestication Guide

Alright so I am assuming that you have the research to actually put a cage down but can’t put it down yet. First off you need to find a planet that has some life on it. Fly down there and start scanning the life until you get to a 100% scan rate. The bottom trait of the creature will say “Outpost production allowed” if you an put down the animal husbandry building for that creature.

The planet we used is in the Cheyenne system and it is on Akila. Scan the wild life there until you find one that let’s you get outpost production and you can start harvesting. The building is in the same section as your extractors, but it won’t be there if it won’t work on the planet.

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