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State Of Decay 2 Skills Guide

State Of Decay 2 Skills Guide
Wandering what all the skills do in State of Decay 2? This State Of Decay 2 Skills Guide has a complete list of all the skills including information on what each of the skills do and how they perform in the game. Whether you pick a premade community or make your own, every character in State of Decay 2 has a list of different skills. While some skills in State of Decay 2 are present across all characters, some are unique, usually occupying the lowest slot on the character skills screen.

The average skills are the same across all characters and impact the typical activities you will be doing. Below is a breakdown of the basic skills in State of Decay 2.

State Of Decay 2 Basic Skills Guide

Impacts your stamina level, which is used when sprinting, running, jumping or attacking

Influences the quality of loot you find when exploring containers

Directly impacts your ability to fight with melee weapons

Directly impacts your ability to fight with firearm weapons.

State Of Decay 2 Skills Guide

There are more advanced skills that are random when you meet a survivor. These have various impacts on their abilities. The “Knowledge Of” grants access to special recipes at specific crafting tables while others are beneficial towards experience points, leveling other skills and more. Below is a list of the skills we’ve encountered so far.

100% Standing Rewards, 10% Influence Gain

Animal Facts
How many toes an elephant has, and other vital information. ( No useful effect )

Knowledge of Influence, +10% Influence gained, +35 Influence Per Day

Improves crafting options and abilities at Workshops, Infirmaries and Stills

Knowledge. Can prepare better dishes.

+100% Standing Rewards, +6 Morale

Knowledge of Computers

Unlocks Forge, Barracks 2, and allows weapon crafting.

Knowledge of the Arts, Knowledge of Craftsmanship, +50% Global Action Speed

100% fuel efficiency, 50% vehicle impact reduction and 50% Vehicle loudness reduction

+10 Morale

+2 Food Per Day

Geek Trivia
+6 Morale, +50% Experience Rate, Pop Culture Knowledge

Knowledge of Gardening.

+10% Influence Gained, Knowledge of Chemistry.

+6 Morale, Knowledge of the Arts, +10 Influence Per Day

Knowledge of Influence, 10% Influence Gain

+6 Morale
+100% Experience Rate
Knowledge of the Arts

Making Coffee
Knowledge of Coffee Preparation, Knowledge of Cooking.

Improve Workshops.

Movie Trivia
+6 Morale
+50% Experience Rate
Pop Culture Knowledge

+6 Morale, 100% Standing Rewards, 25 Influence per day. Knowledge of Arts

+6 Morale, +25 Influence Per Day, Knowledge of the Arts.

People Skills
100% Standing Rewards
Knowledge of Influence
10% Influence Gained

+100 Shooting Experience Rate, Knowledge of Mechanics

Political Science
100% Standing Rewards, 25+ Influence Per Day, Knowledge of Influence

Poker Face
+20 Max Stamina


Scrum Certification
50% Global Action Speed
+2 Free Labor

Self Promotion
100% standing rewards. Knowledge of Influence

+20 Max Health
+2 Max Consumable Stack
Knowledge of Craftsmanship

Sports Trivia
100% Cardio Experience Rate, 100% Fighting Experience Rate, +20 to Stamina, knowledge of sports

+10 Influence gain, Knowledge of Medicine, Knowledge of the Arts

TV Trivia
+6 Morale, +50% Experience Points rate, Pop Culture Knowledge

Knowledge of Utilities

We’re updating this State Of Decay 2 Skills Guide as we progress through the game. Check back soon for updates. Huge thanks to Jaguar_SF for helping out complete some of the skills we had missed.

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