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State Of Decay 2 Skills Specialization Guide

State Of Decay 2 Skills Specialization Guide
Every skill in State of Decay 2 can be maxed and then a specialization applied. This State Of Decay 2 Skills Specialization Guide will tell you what skills can be pushed to maximum level which unlocks specializations that further improves your characters skills.

All of the average skills shared across all Survivors can be upgraded. Whether you choose a premade community or make your own, each character starts with a unique combination of levels in each of the different skills. Once you level up your skills and increase them to maximum level you are given the option to choose a specialization. Each specialization adds further abilities and perks to a particular field.

Specializations can be entirely different for each character. When a skill reaches maximum level the specializations available are based on the traits your characters have. We have highlighted the traits associated with each of the specializations,

Once you pick a specialization in State of Decay 2, you are unable to change on that character, so make your choice wisely. Below is a list of all the different Specializations in State of Decay 2 so you can check through and make your choice ahead of time.

It’s worth noting not all characters can unlock specializations. They need to be able to reach level 7 (7 stars) in order to unlock a specialization choice.

State Of Decay 2 Skills Specialization Guide – Basic Skills


State Of Decay 2 Skills Specialization Guide – Advanced Skills


We are updating our State Of Decay 2 Skills Specialization Guide as we progress through the game. Check back soon for updates.

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