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Sujimon League Guide For Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

If you want to find the best Sujimon and make the best teams, this Sujimon League Guide For Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth is just what you need. In this guide we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Sujimon League, from finding the most powerful Sujimon to creating strong formations and defeating the Discreet Four.

Sujimon League Guide Contents
What Is The Sujimon League
Where To Find Sujimon
Where To Find Sujimon Tickets
What Are The Best Sujimon
How To Make The Best Sujimon Teams
How To Level Sujimon Fast
How To Awaken Sujimon
How To Evolve Sujimon
What Are Committee Agents For?

What Is The Sujimon League

The Sujimon League is a Pokemon style mini-game where Kasuga trains groups of up to 6 Sujimon to use and battle against other Sujimon Rivals. Much like Pokemon, the Sujimon League is ran by a powerful group called the Discreet Four. During the Sujimon League story missions, you will be asked to train your Sujimon, take down each of the members of the Discreet Four, and then restore honor to the league. It’s a relatively short story arc, easily completed within a day or so of solid play. The Sujimon League begins in Chapter 2 when you are leaving for Hawaii. You will automatically get the Substory 2: Sujimon, Generation II and upon completion, you can begin exploring the Sujimon League.

Where To Find Sujimon

An image showing the portrait of 10 powerful Sujimon
Sujimon come in 5 different types. Blaze, Frost, Nature, Light, and Dark. Each type is strong against one other type and weak against another. Frost beats Blaze, Blaze beats Nature, and Nature beats Frost. Light and Dark are both considered strong against each other. Finding Sujimon is very easy as there are multiple methods for doing so.

The primary method are the Gacha machines you find all over town and at the Sujimon Coliseum. These can be used by either spending Gacha tickets or cash, depending on the Gacha type. This is a great way to building out your starting collection although I wouldn’t invest too much time levelling ones you find that aren’t considered rare.

The other method of finding new Sujimon is raids. These are a little different as they are not a Sujimon fight, it’s a regular fight with your allies. It’s typically the best way to find new and powerful Sujimon as you can use the in-game raid tool to find raids at your level with Sujimon you don’t yet have.

Where To Find Sujimon Tickets

An image showing a place for Where To Find Sujimon Tickets
The quickest and best way to get Sujimon tickets are the Coliseum and Trainer Battles. There are a series of challenges in the Coliseum, with more opening as you increase in levels, and these can offer 10s of Gacha tickets for first time completion, making it very easy to get up to numbers in the 100s.

You can also find small machines dotted around town that can give you tickets. The type of ticket and rarity depend on your current Sujimon Rank. As you get a higher rank, you will get better tickets, such as Master Tickets.

For the Kiwami Master Tickets, you need to complete the Sujimon Leagues main story and then search the raids for legendary creatures. They are usually level 60. Defeat that creature and you will get type-based Kiwami Master Ticket that unlocks that particular Sujimon.

What Are The Best Sujimon

An image showing one of the best Sujimon
There are three primary attributes you want to consider when deciding the Best Sujimon. Ability, attack, and speed. The ability, ranked by a stars icon, determines how much damage a Sujimon’s attack can do, supported by the attack stat. The combined speed of all three Sujimon in your team determines your teams overall speed, so having quick Sujimon allows you to take more turns.

Because the single purpose of Sujimon battles is to defeat the enemy before they defeat you, the single best Sujimon is your central attacking Sujimon that sits in the middle of your party and attacks all three opposing Sujimon. For this you want a strong and powerful main attack, 4 stars+, a good attack stat, and enough speed to not fall behind.

If you’re looking for strong Sujimon early, look for a Misdemeanor Wiener who evolves into Bad Cop and eventually, Extermination-kun. Alternatively, look for Powered Tool who evolves into Lumber Jackass and then Pleatherface.

How To Make The Best Sujimon Teams

An image showing several of the strongest Sujimon teams as an example to readers
Making the best Sujimon teams allows you to level faster, complete more challenges, and catch better Sujimon. A simple concept we followed, a concept that we used to complete the entire Sujimon League and optional challenges 100%, is to focus on two different things.

You want a couple of strong Sujimon whose purpose is simply to deal damage. High attack with a 4+ star main ability. This Sujimon will be at the center of your team. You want at least two Sujimon in this role both for each of the teams you have but also for type effectiveness. A Light or Dark option is great as they will deal good damage to all three other types, then any Sujimon that’s Blaze, Frost, or Nature is fine. You can always swap between the two central characters when it’s your turn to deal the most damage.

For the supporting Sujimon, on the left and right, you want to focus on speed and defense. The more speed they have, the more turns your hard hitters are going to have. Furthermore, finding Sujimon that are able to heal is a huge benefit as they can use your turns with your special ability to heal while your big hitters just use their basic attacks to kill the enemies.

How To Level Sujimon Fast

A picture showing the best way to level Sujimon in Infinite Wealth
Levelling Sujimon quickly is relatively easy and it’s the same process throughout the game. Once you have your first Sujimon team, beat some Rookie Rivals and collect yourself some of the Sujimunch items, these are used to increase a Sujimons level. Dump nearly all of these into your primary Sujimon, the center attacking Sujimon, until it reaches the level cap for your current badge.

Then simply keep defeating enemy Rivals of your level and repeating the process. Power levelling your central Sujimon allows you to finish the fights quickly and with guaranteed success. When you are using the Sujimunch, you want to maximize the “Chance of Huge Gains”. You get 10% additional chance for each unique type of Sujimunch used. So it’s a good idea to put one of each Sujimunch into the mix and then fill the rest out with the highest level Sujimunch you have. As you can see from the image above, you can go from 0 to max level nearly instantly.

How To Awaken Sujimon

An image showing how you can Awaken Sujimon in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth
Awakening Sujimon increases their power and, if able, allows them to eventually evolve. Awakening Sujimon is actually really simple. Head to any Sujimon laptop, such as the one in the Coliseum, and select the Awaken option. You need what the game calls “Fodder”. These are unwanted Sujimon of the same name that can be fed to a Sujimon to Awaken it.

For example, most Sujimon start at 0 starts. When you awaken them once, you will need at least other Sujimon of the exact same name to “feed” to your Sujimon to increase it to 1 star. When you want to increase it to 2 stars, you need to feed two additional Sujimon of the same name. When you want to reach 3 stars, you need feed three additional Sujimon of the same name.

This can make Awakening the rare and powerful Sujimon very difficult, but there is an alternative option. Committee Agents.

What Are Committee Agents For?

An image showing how you can use, and what they do, for Committee Agents In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth
Committee Agents are special Sujimon that you can obtain that do not have a rank, do not have an ability, and cannot be added to your party. The sole purpose of Committee Agents is to act like Fodder to feed your other Sujimon in order to Awaken and evolve them. Committee Agents are considered wild cards, they can be used to Awaken any Sujimon, regardless of name or type.

They can be a little tricky to get early on, so save them up for the more unique and harder to get Sujimon. You can get more Committee Agents one of two ways. They are always a possible reward whenever you are using the Sujimon Gacha machines. Alternatively, whenever you finish a Sujimon Gym battle and defeat a member of the Discreet Four, return to the gym after some time and a Committee Agent will be waiting outside. Speak with them to get a bunch of Committee Agents at once.

How To Evolve Sujimon

An image showing the benefits and effects of evolving Sujimon in Like A Dragon infinite Wealth
Evolving Sujimon allows them to become more powerful and unlock new abilities. It’s also a great way to fill out your Sujimon Dossier as you won’t need to rely on random Gacha pulls when you can evolve a weaker form of the Sujimon you need. To evolve a Sujimon all you need to do is Awaken it to 3 starts, that’s it. Once it reaches 3 stars it will automatically bring up the option to evolve, if that particular Sujimon is able to evolve.

If you say no, you can always return to a Sujimon PC and use the Evolve option there.

If you have any questions on the Sujimon League, post a comment below or hit me up on Twitter (X).

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