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Super Mario 3D Land Getting Past Bowser

Super Mario 3D Land Getting Past Bowser

The first boss you encounter in Super Mario 3D land is of course, Bowser. He is a bit of a cheater and shoots fireballs at you from far away so you will have to get up to him. This guide will help you get past him with no problems. Let’s get started!

The first thing you need to do for the Super Mario 3D Land World 1 Bowser guide is get to Bowser. After clearing all off world one you will enter a castle. You will have to clear a bit of the stage before you can get to Bowser. Clear it out and try to keep a suit or fire flower so you can take a hit if you accidentally mess up.

Next for the Super Mario 3D Land World 1 Bowser guide is getting to Bowser. Right when you start he will shoot fireballs at you. The stairs will block them. Once the first three pass go up to the next blockade. On the left of that is a part you can jump over at. Do so then jump onto the purple carpet.

Follow that all the way down until Bowser jumps towards you. Take cover because he will shoot at you again. These ones are slower but are large and kind of hard to dodge. Once three pass go up to where Bowser is. You will notice he has a tail.

Do not try to fight Bowser this is an old school kind of fight. Run past him and keep going. Dodge the fireballs he shoots if any and at the end there is a switch. Hit the switch and he will fall into the lava. Seems like they fooled us.

That will end the Super Mario 3D Land World 1 Bowser guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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