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Super Mario 3D Land Infinite Lives

Super Mario 3D Land Infinite Lives

In Super Mario World 3D you have a limited number of lives to play around with. The game gives them pretty easily but still it can get annoying at times. This infinite lives guide will make it so you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Let’s go!

First off this isn’t just going to give you max lives in a few clicks you do have to do a bit of work and spend some time on it, but it is very fast.

First thing you need to do for the Super Mario 3D Land infinite lives guide is get to level 1-2. Yup you only need to be on the second level to do this which is great for people who want to get it done really early. Clear the first level and start the second. Once you get to the checkpoint in world 1-2 you will have to do the second step.

The second step for the Super Mario 3D Land infinite lives guide is getting the lives. After you get the check point keep going. You will get to a room with only one coin in it. If you grab that coin more coins will come out. This isn’t the important part the next room is. Once in the next room you should see two coins pushed against the wall. Underneath those are hidden boxes. One of those boxes has a star in it. Grab it and kill the Koopas and kill the Gombas one by one. You should get 3-5 lives off of this. Now if you jump off a cliff and die you will lose one life but can re dot his over and over. It will take some time but you can stack up some lives this way.

That will end the Super Mario 3D Land infinite lives guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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