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Sweet Dreams – Where To Find Your Equipment In Cyberpunk 2077

Sweet Dreams - Where To Find Your Equipment In Cyberpunk
The Sweet Dreams side job has an optional (yeah right) objective to retrieve all your equipment. This guide on Sweet Dreams – Where To Find Your Equipment In Cyberpunk 2077 will provide some basic tips and tricks to complete the mission, as well as details on where you can find your gear.

This mission is a pain because you lose all of your equipment. When you wake, there is a single enemy in the adjacent room. Sneak up behind him and take him down. There are two additional enemies outside on the balcony, ignore them. There’s nothing outside. Then, slowly enter each of the next rooms. The enemies are normally facing their backs to you, so taking them down quietly is easy enough. Once you reach the main room with the three static guards, that’s where your equipment is.

Sweet Dreams – Where To Find Your Equipment In Cyberpunk 2077

Sweet Dreams - Where To Find Your Equipment In Cyberpunk
There is a locker where I am aiming above. There’s a row of lockers, it’s the one on the left. You could simply rush to the locker and try to grab your equipment in time, that may be the easiest and fastest strategy for completing the mission. However, I didn’t find the gear until I had already killed everyone. If the rushing tactic doesn’t work, there’s another way.

In the same room there is a female NPC that goes into the kitchen next door. Take her down. She drops an SMG. Go to the subsequent rooms, heading to the apartments exit, taking down each enemy as they come, still using stealth. When you leave the apartment, there’s an enemy doing some graffiti on the wall. Stealth kill him and then there’s one enemy left at the end of the hall.

Because the game is a bit buggy, I was unable to grab this final enemy. Use your SMG to take him down. He drops a far stronger SMG, strong enough to kill the rest of the guards. Then, simply mow them down before returning to the locker to get your gear.

This mission is very buggy. If you the objective to reclaim your gear is not the highlighted objective, it doesn’t complete and won’t show you where to find the next target. You also don’t get your money back on some platforms.

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