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Swindling Seminar Guide For Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

You Need To Figure Out Who Is Telling The Truth

An optional quest in the main story tasks you with finding out who is telling the truth. This Swindling Seminar Guide For Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth goes over the various clues each of the suspects can give you, so even if you got the first attempt wrong, you should be able to figure it out.

This quest, the Swindling Seminar, is unique in that each of the characters you speak with can give you different information. It’s not the same every time and if you pay to guess and you make a mistake, the people will swap what information they give and the person telling the truth will change.

Swindling Seminar Guide For Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Below is a list of all the information you need to solve the puzzle. As previously mentioned, the information each person gives may change, but it doesn’t change the facts of each of the locations. Each of the locations is tied to the individual speaking. For example, location #5 on the map in the Beast Arena. Suspect #5 talks about the Beast Arena.

It’s very important to note that there are slight variations on what’s said. For example, Squinty Rachel mentions Stamp in two different ways, but both are true. Speak to each person at least twice and make sure to save first.

If Person 1 (Thirsty Usain) Says: You oughta drop by the Bail Jumper sometime, then when you speak to him again, he says they are watered down

If Person 2 (Knucklehead Toya) Says: No shouting is allowed in the weapon shop, that includes shouts of surprise when you find out they sell elixirs

If Person 3 (Sloppy Shawn) Says: Have you read Gus’s autobiography? Meditations on the Outlaw Life, you can buy it at the book store

If Person 4 (Squinty Rachel) Says: Hey. Did you see the Stamp graffiti over at Gus’s place? He may be a pup, but he sure looks like a hero.

If Person 5 (Blowhard Georgie) Says: Have you tried the Beast Battleground yet? I hear that Type-0 monster’s a real toughie

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Side Quest FAQ
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