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Sword & Shield Dynamax Adventure Guide

Sword & Shield Dynamax Adventure Guide
The Crown Tundra DLC introduces Dynamax Adventures. This Dynamax Adventure Guide has a collection of tips and tricks to help you survive the grueling challenges of the Dynamax Adventure dungeons so you can finish the challenges, catch more legendary Pokemon, and help your team succeed in the Max Lair.

Dynamax Adventures are some of the most challenging and difficult end-game dungeon content available in Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. The Crown Tundra DLC introduces a wealth of new legendary Pokemon to catch, and most of them are hidden away as final boss stages in the Dynamax Adventures mode. It’s a challenging mode, especially single player, but even with other players – it can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared.

Sword & Shield Dynamax Adventure Guide

Dynamax Adventure Guide
Dynamax Adventures most difficult aspects are the Pokemon and your team mates. You do not get to bring your own Pokemon along. When you start a Dynamax Adventure, there’s a selection of Pokemon for you to choose from. As a Pokemon is chosen, another is put in its place. Selecting the correct Pokemon is vital if you want to complete the more difficult stages and having team mates that understand the importance of certain Pokemon, goes a long way.

Choosing The Right Pokemon
You’re not going to get handed a Mewtwo or Charizard in the starting selection. It’s usually very limited. The primary goal when choosing your starting Pokemon in Dynamax Adventures is support. Any Pokemon can do damage and with type advantage, huge damage, but without a supporting cast, you’ll fall at the boss fight every time.

Support Pokemon come in various shapes and sizes. There’s obvious major players here. Pokemon like Mr. Mime can have both Reflect and Light Screen – providing a defense boost against physical and special attacks. Other obvious avenues of support are healing and status effects. Survival is paramount in Dynamax Adventures so if you have a way of healing your allies, it will drastically increase your chances of victory. Likewise, if you can send your opponent to sleep or paralyze them for a turn or two, it can be the difference between success and failure. Try to diversify your team in terms of types. Alternatively, with a group that has more communication, you can pile in on less types and go for a gamble on the enemy match ups.

Survival Is Paramount
There are two fail conditions for each Dynamax Adventure. If a battle goes on longer than 10 turns, you fail. If you have a total of 4 deaths, across all fights within the same attempt, you fail. As such, survival is key to winning. Currently, from my experience, it’s nearly impossible to not suffer 2 casualties in the final battle, meaning you can only afford to lose 1 on the route. Use a combination of the advice in this guide to put a focus on surviving.

Healing Equals Victory
Keeping yourself in fighting shape is very important. Buffs and debuffs can go a long way to achieving this but when you don’t have the right abilities to heal up your team, there are other options. When choosing your route, look for trainers and berry piles. Trainers can either offer an exchange of Pokemon, which is usually type advantage over the final target, or give you a list of items where you can choose one to hold. The former is the scientist looking trainer, the latter is the explorer type.

Leftovers and other items that help you survive are the ones to look out for. Walking through berry piles will also heal all of the Pokemon in your party by a considerable amount. Switching your Pokemon, either with a trainer or via catching a Pokemon, gives you that Pokemon at full health and also carries across your held item.

Choose Your Route Carefully
Your primary concerns when choosing what route to take are type matchups and healing potential. You do not want to go into a fight where 2+ of your teams Pokemon have a negative interaction with type. For example, you don’t send a team of two fire Pokemon into a Water type enemy. Once you’ve discovered the easiest route for your Pokemon, check to see if any of the types on the route have a positive matchup against the final battle – or offer other vital buffs – like a Haunter with Hypnosis.

Lastly, try to make sure you can visit at least one or two healing locations. All of these elements coming together is a very unlikely perfect storm, so it’s all about picking and choosing your battles – deciding what aspects are available and what ones are not.

Work Together
This is the hardest aspect of online play due to the varying skill levels and complete lack of communication options. If you see an ally Pokemon on 5% health, try to avoid switching to another Pokemon as only 1 trainer can do this each time – so you taking a new Pokemon leaves them with a 5% Pokemon for the next fight.

If you have a taunting Clefairy that’s soaking up all the teams damage, don’t avoid the healing berries just because the rest of the team is at max health.

Hopefully these tips will help you clear the Dynamax Adventure dungeons in the Max Lair.

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The Crown Tundra DLC introduces Dynamax Adventures. This Dynamax Adventure Guide has a collection of tips and tricks to help you survive the grueling challenges of the Dynamax Adventure dungeons so you can finish the challenges, catch more legendary Pokemon, and help your team succeed in the Max Lair.
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