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Take The Stairs Or The Elevator In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Take The Stairs Or The Elevator In Final Fantasy 7 Remake
In the Shinra building, you have a choice to make. This guide on Take The Stairs Or The Elevator In Final Fantasy 7 Remake tells you what happens if you choose the stairs, and what happens if you choose the elevator, so you can choose the path that most appeals to you.

In Chapter 16: The Belly Of The Beast you eventually arrive at the Shinra Headquarters. After some expertly executed acrobatics by Tifa, you get yourself an Authorization Card. Once you’ve picked it up, security on the lower level is turned off and you can choose whether to head to the 59th floor via the stairs or the elevator.

If You Choose The Stairs

If you choose the stairs, you literally take the stairs. Cloud, Tifa and Barret climb the full building up to the 59th floor. This is not automated, it’s not a cut-scene, you must walk up each and every single flight of stairs between the ground floor and the 59th floor. There are no items or boxes to collect on the way. There’s some great dialogue between Tifa, Cloud and Barret. It’s a long walk but the bonding is worthwhile.

If You Choose The Elevator

You get ambushed on Floor 10 and 20. Nothing major, standard Elite Guards. On other floors the team encounter some regular civilians, bringing to light that not all of Shinra is about corporate greed and control. Just regular people, supporting their families. Tifa has some realization and Barret and Cloud argue about taking the stairs. It takes about as long as the stairs, has some good dialogue, and a bit of XP from the fights.

The cut-scene once you reach the 59th floor and the following events are identical. It’s entirely up to you whether you choose the stairs of elevator. There’s no right or wrong decision. Lazy players should opt for the elevator, the stairs do take a while.

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