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Take the Vial Of Smoke Powder Or Attack In Baldur’s Gate 3

During one of your expeditions to the Underdark, you will need to find some Smoke Powder to clear some rubble. When you find the person who has it, they offer you one vial but you can attack to try and get more. Check out this guide to find out if you should Take the Vial Of Smoke Powder Or Attack In Baldur’s Gate 3. This way you know how much Smoke Powder you can get.

Take the Vial Of Smoke Powder Or Attack In Baldur’s Gate 3

After you find the Gnome with the Smoke Powder, she will basically threaten to blow everyone up. If you push her far enough, she will actually do it and destroy all the Smoke Powder and herself. Your best bet is to talk her down and have her offer one vial. She doesn’t like the idea of you freeing the True Soul trapped within, but it’s either that or blowing herself up.

She will hand you the Smoke Powder and tell you to tell the other Gnome that she is gone. She will take off and you can loot the room if you want. If you try to take more she’ll blow the whole room up and you along with it. I survived the explosion, but the True Soul and other Gnomes didn’t.

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